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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Being Saturday I wasn't in any rush to get to work and was pleased to hear on Radio Scilly that the Gry was running late.
The Gry was bringing in my work with her in the form of carpet and underlay, also some vinyl adhesive so I could finish the job at Prospect house flats.
She wasn't due in till 10ish and when she gets in they concentrate on getting all the frozen food and perishables sorted and off to be delivered to their various destinations.
Carpet and other non perishables take a back seat.
I had an easy morning and headed down at about 11.
Sure enough all I needed was now accessible and no vans in the way of me or me in the way of them more to the point!
So I loaded the car and headed off to Prospect house to finish off.
I stuck down the bathroom vinyl and fixed down 2 more door metals, fitted a doormat into a mat well, and was almost done.
I just need now to put some clear silicone around the edges of the 2 bathroom vinyls to seal them and I need a different type of metal edging to finish off the matwell.
So about half an hours work there.
I shall do it when the new metal bar comes in...
After lunch I went just around the corner to Roy Astens house and did a good bedroom carpet.
The job was fairly straight forward, the only obstacle being a typical council house floor that was rather uneven.
I had a go at sorting this out by way of planing down a ridge on one of the adjoining floorboards.
This went ok but I managed to get a nail caught up in my electric planer and a fair few painful noises were being made by the planer as I continued to plane the floor.
I also noticed that the door was going to be too tight with new underlay and carpet so had that off and planed that down too.
It was still working although its now not right...
So now I could get started with the job..It didn't take too long to get the underlay down.
Then I got the carpet in and started fitting that.
It was looking good, but took a while to fit, what with drinking tea and chatting to Anita the time was flying by.
I finished the carpet and went to put the door back on...but it was still too tight.
So off it came again and then I took it downstairs to plane it again.
This time it was more or less spot on and went back on a treat.
So a quick tidy up and off I went.
Last job was a quick call into measure up for a landing, stairs and lounge at a house in trench lane and I was done for the day as far as work was concerned.
I arrived home to discover we had chicken pie ready to eat for tea but nothing to go with it.
So a trip o the Co-op was in order to fetch some shopping.
It wasn't long before i was home again and tea was eaten and I was off out again to drop the boy at panto again.
Tonight wifey and mother in law were going to watch.
They said it was very good, but apparently we were a better audience last night!
I'm sure they always say that!
So it was just me and the youngest boy, so I put him to bed and had a quick nap myself!
About 10 ish wifey and Brandon were home and half an hour later I needed to pick up Mike from the after show party!
It was getting late for him and we though 10.45 is late enough for a 10 year old!
He has his final performance tomorrow afternoon and I hope he can manage to get an early night tomorrow.
Had some fantastic news this evening...while surfing the internet and looking at the weather it seems we have a good chance of seeing some snow on Monday into Monday night and maybe Tuesday too!
I am really looking forward to this and I hope it settles for a couple of hours so we can have a bit of winter magic.
You really need to see Scilly in the snow, it looks amazing!
I have got pics of the website because I bet no-one reading this will believe it!
So another good day and although I now feel tired and have a headache,I'm really upbeat about the possibility of seeing some white stuff here in less than 2 days.
It fees like it is getting colder already here........

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  1. I am simply fascinated by the way you write and simply love the pictures. Those waves crashing up against the wall so close to the buildings are great!
    I have a son named Brandon too :-)

    Keep posting these wonderful pictures. I hope you get the snow. I could do without more snow, we have had up to four feet at a time this winter.