Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday 1st February

A nice easy day today.
Didn't get the expected lie in as we hoped as we had to see to our youngest son who woke us up too early for my liking on a Sunday sometime around 8ish.
So once awake, we all thought that we may as well get up and have breakfast and there was a few household jobs to see to,such as washing,etc..
It got to about 11 when I decided it was time to go out.
Until then it had been rather cloudy,the wind was a fresh easterly and you could just tell it was cold out there even though the house was warm..
So we went out for a drive not sure where we were going.
There was talk of not having a football match today,so we didn't bother going up there.
By the time we were in town we realised that it was more or less lunchtime and Mike had to get to his panto at 12.45.
So went went into the co-op and got some sandwiches and had an impromptu lunch in the car parked on the rechabite slipway overlooking the harbour.

At times the sun broke though and it looked great,otherwise it was quite grey,windy and cold.
When the sun was out it was a great time for photography and the light was just great.
I took lots of pics and I think a pic of every boat in the harbour today and I couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so they are all on!

After lunch we dropped Mike at panto and headed home.
On the way back home the waves at the back of my house looked superb in the sunny spells, so Brandon and I went down there and I took some quite atmospheric pics.
It wasn't long before my hands were freezing,so I headed home for a hot drink.
Then I needed to drop off my sister in law and family to the panto.
With that done I was home until panto was finished.
I did a bit of work in the front garden as it was getting a bit full of junk that needed sorting out, and we were spurred on into doing something about it when our rosemary bush fell down in the strong easterly wind.
I was just about down in the garden when father/mother in law turned up for a visit.
I was more than happy to stop and have another hot drink!
While we were chatting, we started talking about the weather as it was feeling very cold.
I have got a neat little weather station that tells all sorts of weather info.
But it hasn't been working lately so while talking about it.I set to work on fixing it.
Luckily the shop on ebay that I had got it from had sent me replacement parts some time back in November.
Today the batteries had gone in the display that had been working OK, so I replaced the whole lot.
Screen and wireless transmitter were swapped and it was all working again.
We watched intently as the temperature gauge went from the indoor temp right down to 5.5 degrees.
So it was as cold it it felt, and a quick look at the forecast showed it was going to get a lot worse.
It wasn't long after that and I was back into town to pick up Mike and the rest of the family.
Then it was almost time for tea.
By now I was looking at the weather forecast again and it is looking good for some snow.
I am really quite excited about it and really hope we get some.
It hasn't looked this promising for having snow for a long time.
After tea we all just relaxed and watched the footie match.
We were very pleased to see Liverpool beating Chelsea 2-0 at home and then it was almost time for bed.
It turned out there was a match over here today with the score being 2-0 as well..
By now it was feeling a bit cold in the house so our heater have gone up a notch and my weather station is showing that it is now 2 degrees outside add on windchill and I bet its more like -3!
I really hope it snows, if it does and it settles I will be out like a shot to get pics.
I will also take the boys out of school as if it does settle it will be the first time they have seen snow on the ground since they have been able to walk by themselves.
Last time was back in 2001 and that didn't last past 10 in the morning.
So here's hoping I get my wish!!!


  1. 8:00!!!! you think 8:00am is early? Jeez George, My boy's up at 6:30 most days :-) Can't be often we get better weather than you mate but it was a pure peach of a day here.

    Cheers, Paul

  2. Hahahaha!
    Yes well you got me there mate!
    But some Sundays we manage to be asleep until 10ish.
    The little darlings take themselves downstairs and play games or a game or watch tv.
    Its been good.
    But yes 8 is actually not bad.
    But then what an earth are you doing waking up in the middle of the night at 5 in the morning man??
    Nice one Paul!