Wednesday, 4 February 2009

No snow today!

Well I guess the day after the snow was never going to be much fun...but I think I could have done without having a south east gale and rain as a replacement!
Today started dry, but a late start meant a quick drive to school as we had no milk for breakfast again!
I am definitely a breakfast kind of guy, don't even bother trying to get any sense out of me until I have had my Frosties!! :-))
So after the school drop off I went back home as it was dustbin day and time to clear out our guinea pig hutch.
We have 3 guinea pigs and what great pets they are!
We have had 2 of them since they were just a couple of weeks old,and they were both girls and both had babies.
We kept one of the babies and gave the other 3 away as they would have been overcrowded.
And we thought at least 2 of the others were boys!
So with that done it was time for work and I headed off up to finish of yesterday stair carpet.
I had done that by lunchtime and had time to pick up the youngest little one from nursery too.
After lunch I had a large lounge carpet to do, again it was straight forward and I had a clear room, so was done in just over an hour or so..
Then I went to pick up the boys from school,take my dad up to the health centre, pick up my sister from her house and take her to the airport.
And then pick up my sisters in laws and take them for a special St Marys tour.
I'm getting the hang of these tours and I am now rattling off the facts while showing the sights to any willing passenger!
With them safely dropped home, I went back up to the health centre to collect my dad and take him home, bless him he was waiting for ages!
I went home,thought about what to have for tea...took wifey to a meeting and then back home to make and have tea.
Then back to pick up wifey and then sort out what we need to pack for our hols!
I am ready to go away now, and have had plenty of driving practise today!!
I like to drive and will be doing about 150 miles on the first day on the mainland.
Not much you might think, but when there is only 9 miles of road in total on my whole island it puts it into perspective!
So today was a bit of a blur and I really think the islands look quite boring on this cold,wet and windy day!
I didn't take one picture, because it just looked so uninspiring after the snow of the past two days!
I had time to reflect about the snow of which the majority of people really hate for some reason...
And I guess it is because of the damned inconvenience of it, if you need to go somewhere and the snow is not letting you.
Probably anyone that has prolonged snow to deal with must get fed up with it quite soon.
But for me it will always be magic!
And the reason is because of the way it makes the islands look and how it never ever lasts long enough for you to do all off the things that you wanted to do!
I hope it snows again sometime, when I can be more prepared and then maybe we could go sledging like I did when I was a child!
But I do understand those who don't like the snow because of all the associated problems that come with it.
I have seen one van today that looks as though they had a bit of trouble in the snow, he has lost a whole drivers side wing! Ouch!
I guess I was lucky during my driving in the snow....
I'm going to get some pics of my guinea pigs now as a blog without pics just looks to boring!!
I shall add another couple of pics of the snow too just for good measure!!


  1. George
    I love Guinea Pigs. They are great pets. I especially like the way they talk to each other. Yours look happy and healthy.


  2. Thanks.
    They are lovely,the black one "Marmite" is the most vocal and they live in our lounge so talk to us quite a bit.
    She will let us know when they have running low on food,hay or water.
    Also every time we cook any food they go mad with their squeaking in order to be fed any veg scraps.
    They have cucumber,carrot and lettuce most days.
    They like a good walk around the front room and when it warms up a bit we let them play about in the garden where they do a fine job of keeping the grass at a nice level!!
    Cheers George.

  3. I love Guinea Pigs too. I had 13 when I was a young girl, I sold them as pets to friends.
    They really are talkers. Love the way they grunt and squeal. So cute!