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Monday, 2 February 2009

2nd February 2009 SNOW SNOW SNOW!

I love snow and was more than happy to be woken by the phone at stupid o clock time of 6.45 to look out of my window and see lots of white stuff and more falling.
Normally the snow we see here does indeed fall...but normally just melts!
A quick look at the outside temp revealed it was -1 which was why the snow was sticking.
Great so we all got up and were out by 7 to play and walk about in the falling snow.
It wasn't long before it stopped but it was still cold enough to hang around for a bit!
Michael was enjoying just being in the snow.
Brandon was having a go at throwing snowballs and playing with his ride on quad bike, well for about a minute until the wheels got stuck with compacted snow!
And the little one was quite amazed by the whole event and not too sure what to make of it!
He wasn't at all interested in being in the snow as it was falling from the sky and didn't touch any for ages after it had stopped!
I guess if you have never seen snow before it must be quite an adjustment! Bless him!
We took a drive to see how other places were looking after we had looked at all our familiar sights around us.
By now the snow was already starting to thaw and driving was very safe as the roads were almost completely clear.
So now it was a search for remaining snow.
We found plenty up at the golf course.
The ducks down at Watermill seemed to be enjoying eating the snow!
The trees by the pond were just beautiful.
The pics don't do them justice!
Onwards the to mother in laws house via Holy Vale.
We arrived at mother in laws and there was only a bit of snow left on the ground and a fair bit on a couple of cars there...and my own car too.
Just enough really for a quick snowball fight!
We then went home as by now it was 10.30 and really I should have been at work and the boys at school! Ahem!
To be fair they were a bit under the weather today and didn't really get out of the car much.....
So off to work I went..
Today's job was a stairs and landing/hall in a house up Carn Friars.
By the time I got here it was now 11.15.
So I did the stairs and went for lunch.
Lunch for wifey and boys was pasties from Steve Griffin Butchers.
Lovely and just the job on a cold snowy day!
i had lots of snow pics to download, but got caught up checking out weather forecasts and enjoying other peoples pics of the snow, on facebook and the internet in general.
It was nearly 3 by the time I was back to work.
I stayed at work until after 6!
Late for me and I was glad to come home to a nice Tikka Masala that wifey had slow cooked this afternoon. Delicious!
On the way home it had started to snow again and it was sticking again now that the sun had gone an the temp was dropping below 2 degrees.
After tea a look out of the window revealed that it was snowing some more and was looking like this morning all over again.
The temp right now at 8.40 is at zero and should drop a couple more degrees so I expect to see the snow when we wake up in the morning!
Any more showers overnight should add to the existing snow.
I really hope so because then we can try our hands at sledging!
Something I haven't done since 1987!!!
I can't wait and I'm not sure how well any of us boys will sleep knowing that there is an inch of snow already lying on the ground outside.
I reckon we need another 3 to make sledging viable!

Just looked outside right now and the snow has stopped for a while and we do seem to have an inch of lying snow in my garden!
Great stuff! I LOVE IT!!!!


  1. Love your blog George. Do hope you get your wish and more snow falls for you!

  2. I was just in the process of uploading the pics to go on here when I took another look out of the window and it was snowing really hard!
    We now have 2 inches of lying now in the garden and it looks ace!
    I went out to take more pics and came across a huge snowball fight that was luckily just coming to an I took some pics and carried on my merry way.
    I'm going to upload these pics into my webshots albums later on maybe tomorrow now.
    Cheers George

  3. Morning George,

    glad you got your snow, still no sign of any up here though it can't be far away. Reading your post with all it's enthusiasm has made me feel like a miserable old git because I hate the stuff!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers, Paul

  4. Hiya Paul.
    Rest assured if it affected my life as much as people like you and others where it is a huge inconvenience then I would likely hate it too.
    BUT.. we have just all got up to play in it because there was 3 inches of it last night when I came to bed..and it is already thawing and will be all gone by lunchtime.
    So that is why I love it so much.
    I just haven't been in a situation where it has been anything but a whole load of fun!