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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tuesday 3rd February MORE SNOW!!

Well if yesterdays excitement wasn't enough, yesterday evening the snow started again!
At first it seemed to be just a shower, but again it was cold enough to stick straight away.
We got the boys off to bed and looked out to see lots and lots of snow falling and it didn't stop.
It snowed on and off all evening, sometimes small powdery snow and sometimes huge slow falling tranquil flakes.
It was like a scene from a movie!
I can't remember a time when we have had such a snowfall.
Certainly last time we had decent snow in 1987 it was blizzard like conditions that you really want to go outside in.
Back then apparently we had 23cm!
Last night we were close to 10cm (4inches) in places..
I had 3 and half inches on my car roof.
I went on a photo frenzy and I have taken at least 500 pics and might be sometime sorting them out.
I have a few beauties!!!
So after playing about in the snow and pushing a huge ball of snow from Old Town Cafe right back home to my garden, I finally got in around midnight
The temp was around zero, and the forecast was for the wind to change direction to the west which would bring warmer weather.
I knew there wouldn't be so much snow in the morning, so we set our alarms for 6.30 and hoped for the best.
When the alarm went off the whole house came alive!
A couple of us had a quick breakfast and then it was off out in the snow.
It was certainly starting to thaw already but the sheer quantity that fell meant that it was going to take a long time to go all together and there was a good 2 inches lying everywhere on the ground.
We went down the Old Town beach again...I must have been down there at least 10 times in the first 48 hours to see the snow!
There is something really quite magical about seeing snow on palm trees and certainly on a beach that you never see snow on!
It was great to look at.
We had done a snowman based on that big ball of snow I collected last night.
We had had a snowball fight.
The only thing now was sledging!
On looking around to see what we could use, not much came to hand...
We thought that the little ones toy boat might be ok, so put it in the back of the car and headed for the nearest hill!
Which was on the road the leads up to the airport..
Cars had already been up there and it looked ok, so we had a go on the hill up there.
It was quite tough going, all the boys had a turn and the youngest one was the fastest with Michael just clearing all the snow as I pushed him down the slope....we needed a bigger gradient!
Nearest place we thought off easily accessible was Carreg dhu gardens, at the top of the garden on the path that goes down the hill.
Sure enough Brandon was first and went down a treat.
They all then followed, it was brilliant!
We could of done with more space, but there wasn't time to go anywhere else as today we decided the boys would be going to school.
Now I have never before driven in snow and seeing how I might be faced with it again this weekend when I go away, I thought that I had better get some practise.
I also wanted to take some pics elsewhere on the island.
So I took the boys home to get ready for school and took a drive up to the golf course as yesterday it looked great in the snow.
The drive up Telegraph road was easier than I thought it might be, it was made easier because several cars had already made the journey.
As I turned off Telegraph road I was into fresh snow and the first car to go down the road...lovely!
I had fun taking it easy down the road.
Fortunately my car has new tyres and anti lock brakes and I'm sure that it helped lots!
I didn't have any trouble and got to the golf club and took my pics.
Then went home because it was time for school.
The boys were waiting for me, but it was getting late, so we drove the short distance to school through the slush that had quickly changed from white snow.
There was still plenty of snow about and kids were having great fun with snowball fights galore.
Great scenes..
I really needed to do more work today than yesterdays poor efforts and I had taken lots of pics.
So headed off to make a start, I was very easily distracted all the way when driving, seeing views and scenes that looked fantastic.
Some very hard to capture,so I didn't really try!
I got to work and today I had to do a landing and stairs.
I also had lots of calls to do,phone calls and measures.
So a busy day really.
By lunchtime we had had another couple of snowy,sleety,light hail showers, but the sun was out and the temp rising and on the drive home for lunch there was hardly any snow left on the roads and the thaw was evident everywhere.
Quite a surprising amount of water dripping off roofs and running down the roads.
After lunch I finished off the job and did a few more calls and orders.
By the time school pick up had arrived the only snow left was in the odd hedgerow and a few fields that hadn't seen direct sun,also a few roofs in Old Town too.
I went back to work and worked until 5.30.
Then home for tea and puts the boys to bed, before getting ready to go out and indeed going out to play pool.
We took on the Bishop team tonight and at one stage the score was 6-1 but somehow ended up 6-3 to us, after a late come back!
As always a good evening out and here I am typing away again!
I really must have a look at all those pics, but I have so many I really don't know where to start!!

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  1. Good Pictures of the snow you might see some more next week when you are on holiday, Have a good time in Devon