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Thursday, 29 January 2009

An early start for me today.
Well I was out of the house at 8a.m. I needed to pick up some milk for breakfast as we had none.
That's bad planning as I needed to get breakfast sorted before the boys went to school and that meant a trip into the co-op just for milk as nothing else is open.
Straight after breakfast I went to pick up my tools from Prospect House Flats and take them and some underlay down to the quay to go up to St Martins.
I hadn't organised a boat, so when I called to see what time it was going up I found that it was off at 9.10.
So I went down to school to see the boys into school and went back to quay to catch the boat.
The Gry Maritha was in and there is stuff for me to pick up, I will pick it up tomorrow now as I didn't have time this morning and didn't realise that my underlay had arrived, as I was expecting it Saturday.
On the walk down the quay I spotted this gull acting strangely,looked as though it was having a fit as I approached.
But getting nearer, you could tell it was just preening!
So off we went to St Martins on the jet boat "Lightning".
She cruises at 20knots so the 3 mile trip to St Martins takes just over 10 minutes, but seems a lot less because there is so must to see on the way, the time just flies.
I was picked up at the quay and driven to the house where I was working.
The job was looking good, with only a sofa in the lounge...
I had to take up the old carpet and underlay and put down new it was all going well until I unwrapped the carpet to discover a hole in it where it had been damaged in transit at some stage.
Something had clearly hit the carpet hard and left a nasty tear type hole about half a metre into the roll.
Because the customer has 2 young children and the fact that the old carpet had been cut into 2 bits and thrown out, I had to fit the new carpet even though there was a hole in it.
I moved it about a bit and got the hole in the least conspicuous place (under a coffee table) and we will wait and see if they can get it replaced.
I then moved on to the hallway.
The carpet was quite a tough one to fit as it was a carpet from alternative flooring, that was made with wool to look like sisal.
It looks very much like sisal and was about the same to fit...very stiff with no room for error because of the total lack of stretch.
I took my time and got it right!
It took me until 3ish to get the lounge and hall done.
There is also a landing and stairs to do but I'm going to do that tomorrow now.
It will be fiddly again.
I finished in plenty of time to pop down the road to see a couple of people that wanted carpet to be done in March/April.
Got that sorted and headed for the quay to catch the boat home.
By now the weather had changed and we had very low cloud and light drizzle and mist.
Not very good visibility and I was wishing I had taken more pics this morning when the weather was better.
The trip home was quite bumpy until we got into the lea of St Marys and then it was plain sailing.
These jet boats are awesome and just go through any sea you decide to throw at them.
I will be returning on the same boat tomorrow and apparently in the same rain we had today will be coming back from the east, after passing over us heading east today.
Funny one that.
Low cloud and mist is no problem for modern boats though with GPS chart plotters,radar and depth sounders, use them all together and you can't go too far wrong, so long as you know how they work!
On arriving back on St Marys I had time to catch the boys parent evening.
It was a good one, as they are both doing well and was good to see their work.

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