Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Today started at a much more reasonable time of 7.30 and a look out of the window revealed a very foggy start to the day.
Wasn't too bad though so we still walked to school.
Not much to see on the way and all was very peaceful,as it normally is when its foggy.
First job today was to drop off some pattern books just around the corner, and then off to the new policeman's flat to quote for carpet and sort out what kind of carpets the new PC and his wife might like to have.
With that done, it was down to quay and finally I had my underlay and some carpets.
I sent 2 off to St Martins for a job I'm doing on Thursday and then took the rest up to my job up at Carn Friars.
It was the dining room today and was quite simple with the floor all clear and I just needed to put down carpet and underlay.
It was done by lunchtime.
So after lunch headed back to Prospect house flats to do 2 hallways.
One in carpet, one in vinyl, a doormat and stick down the bathroom vinyl that I had fitted yesterday and not stuck.
This took me all afternoon,as well as a trip home to pick up some door metals...

I stopped by school at pick up time and quickly checked the pitch to see how wet it was after all the rain we have been having and discovered that it completely waterlogged and now very muddy after the children played football on it today in P.E.
I think we as a football club will give the pitch a rest until it dries out a bit.
It would be nice to have some grass left for our summer fixtures...

This evening it was pool night.
We played at home against the eagle who are our B team for the Atlantic Inn.
The eagles,I think its fair to say...are not quite as dedicated as us and enjoy their night out rather than worry too much about the technicalities of playing pool.
We won 7-2 I think...may have been 6-3.
As usual it was a good evening, made better by the fact I won my singles and doubles matches and I felt I played well tonight.
It sure helps when you win!
So tomorrow will bring better weather apparently and I am hoping to finish off Prospect House and also take my brother in laws auntie for a tour of the island.
I'm looking forward to that.
Its always good showing someone who hasn't been here all the sights of St Marys.
They are only here for one day so I hope I can show them lots and lots.
Hopefully I should have some pics tomorrow from the "tour"...

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