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Sunday, 25 January 2009

At last a rest day, although because of recent weeks today felt more like a Saturday, I think it will be a struggle tomorrow morning!
Today was pretty good after last nights torrential rain and gales.
We still had the winds, but it was more like force 7 or so.
I had a nice lie in and didn't get out of the house until about 10.30.
We did the usually Sunday drive up to watch the football on the garrison.
The field was very wet, I would say waterlogged to be honest and had puddles of water in places all over.
It made for some funny moments when tackles were made, and shots being saved.
While watching the football, I was talking to Phill, when a Sea King helicopter came into the airport.
I went back to the car as it was starting to rain a bit and it wasn't long before the helicopter was heading our way, low and looking like it was up to something...
Phill was off like a shot to investigate.
I thought we should take a look..
Very glad that we did, because the heli was just about to start a practise airlift manoeuvre.
They did three I think, I am in the process of uploading a video onto YouTube of the procedure...
The skill of the pilots and winch man is really quite something to watch.
Just how they manage to get so close to the lifeboat with a man dangling on a wire without any trouble is amazing to watch.
Particularly when the sea is rough and it is windy too.
Very impressive.
We must have been watching these guys for about half an hour, when we realised that it was lunchtime and as Mike had a full dress rehearsal for panto at 1p.m thought it was best to go.
We left the lifeboat to it and went home.
After lunch and dropping off Mike, we popped out to feed the ducks at Porthloo and Watermill.
The ducks were pleased to see us as normal and seemed very happy with their very full ponds!
We then went around for quick visit to mother and father in law up at Maypole and before we knew it was time to fetch Mike again.
By now it was high tide and the wind had hardly abated, so with that in mind and remembering how big the seas were before lunch, we went down to the quay to see the waves.
We weren't disappointed for they were BIG.
The tide wasn't the highest I have seen but the wave size and speed sure made up for the lack of volume!
There some very impressive thumps over the quay wall.
You can really feel the tremors when those big waves hit, again nature showing her powerful side to us all once again!
Happy with the pics I had taken and starting to get cold hands, and by now it was getting dark we headed home for tea.
I have to say, that it was a great day with many photo opportunities, showing that Scilly really can be a place to be in all seasons.
Just so long as you don't mind the odd bit of rain and gales!!
Well we are in England after all!

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