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Monday, 26 January 2009

It seems like this week came around very quickly.
Must have been something to do with working Saturday, going to bed late(as usual..) and being woken up far too early by the youngest son at some ungodly hour at 5 something!
Well I guess it not bad to start the day early and it seemed like ages before it was time to go to school with the boys.
It was a good walk today with an offshore wind at Old Town there were some nice swells rolling in and it even looked surfable on a couple of waves.
After the short walk home wifey had a couple of quick jobs to do and then it was off to my dad to check out his LCD TV that had sound but no picture.
It seems that it is broken although he was convinced he had pushed the wrong button by mistake..
On googling the problem it seems that it i quite common.
Very annoying as the TV is only 4 months old, it will have to be sent back to the mainland now I guess..
It was about 10 ish now so though I'd better get to work!
First stop was to quay to try and locate that underlay.
It definitely wasn't there and I finally managed to get through to my suppliers and it will be here with me tomorrow.
So my trip to St Martins was off.
I went instead to Prospect House Flats, I am doing 2 whole flats right throughout here, so there was plenty to do, and on arrival it turned out that I had left enough underlay here to finish this job.
Well that was a stroke of luck!
So I got straight to work and had the lounge done by lunchtime and even managed to fully prepare the kitchen for vinyl including leveling a part of the floor.
Feeling quite happy with that I happily drove home for lunch.
It was a good day today, despite a very fresh northerly wind, the sun was out and we had no rain all day, a rarity of late!
After lunch I popped back to dad to try and see if a quick reset might work, I had read on the internet that leaving the TV unplugged for 4 hours can fix this problem...
It didn't make any difference!
One other guy online suggested you leave it for 24hrs, so we are trying that now..
I remembered that I needed to go and pick some carpet pattern books and measure up to do a quote at a guesthouse down Porthloo way, so popped in to do that.Didn't take too long.
So then it was back to the flats and a kitchen vinyl to do.
First up was a washer dryer to uninstall and take out of the room and then take up the old vinyl.
Prepare the floor and fit the vinyl,stick it down and tidy up..
A doddle!
It took about an hour and a half which left time to do the bathroom vinyl...
So I got that ready and fitted it but then it was 5 o clock, o decided that I'd finish this job later..they don't have anyone in until March/April so no real rush!
Tomorrow I'm back up to Carn Friars to do a dining room carpet in the morning and then back to the flats in the afternoon.
I have take a couple of pics on my phone of today's work so will get them on..
All in all a good day, apart from while I was moving the washing machine I got up too quickly without realising there was a kitchen unit sticking out right behind me and I caught my back on the corner of the unit whilst standing up.
Very,very sore.
Wifey says it even bled, so must have been as bad as it felt/feels.
Not very comfy sitting here typing this I can tell you!
Very annoyed with this injury as I did the same thing 2 weeks ago and it was just getting better!
Ah well probably time for bed now really, so might turn in soon!


  1. Very cool videos--I am following your blog almost daily and enjoying reading about your day to day adventures. I have to say it seems like an idyllic life at times. I'm in California and though the winters are mild there is something appealing about life on your little islands.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks its great to know that you are all the way across the pond looking in!
    Cheers George.