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Saturday, 31 January 2009

A bit late posting today and now it says that it is already Saturday!
This is my day on Friday...
All started as normal, but today I dropped the boys at the school gates rather than walk them all the way.
I needed to drop off vinyl pattern books that I had brought back from St Martins with me yesterday off to a couple of people.
The first customer actually chose exactly what they wanted in 2 minutes flat.. so I could move straight on to the next one.
With that done I had plenty of time to get to the quay to catch a 9.30 boat.
I got there at 9.22 and the other passenger was also there so we left then.
On leaving it was grey with rain in the air, but visibility was OK.
Half way there our speed increased from just under 20 knots to a seemingly very fast 30 knots.
On asking why we had suddenly changed speed, it appeared that we were racing the Lyonesse Lady to St Martins quay in an attempt to get off before she started to unload her freight.
Now I consider myself a pretty good sailor, but I have to admit doing 30 knots in a fresh easterly wind going up to higher town isn't much fun.
We were thrown around all over the shop and it was definitely a white knuckle ride!
We passed the Lyonesse a few hundreds yards before reaching the quay and had got off and the Lightning was on her way before the Lyonesse was just starting her approach to he quay.
After such an exhilarating ride, my adrenalin was pumping a bit, I had certainly woken up!
A quick walk up the hill and I was on site to continue yesterdays job.
I started off by repairing the hole that was made in the carpet.
This didn't take long and then the second job was to find out what the small lump that was under the carpet right in the middle of the room was?
I had to pull up half of the carpet so that I could get my hand in underneath to find out what this lump was.
It turned out that a bit of hard rubber that hadn't quite been turned in nice soft sponge had made it into the roll of underlay and I didn't notice until the carpet was done.
I pulled out the lump of rubber and fixed the carpet back down.
Next up was preparing the landing for carpet.
I needed to take up the existing carpet and underlay and also move a desktop computer from the area.
I had the landing done by lunchtime and sat there and ate my sandwiches.
After lunch I went straight to work on the stairs.
I had 15 to do with 2 of them being winders.
I have taken pics!
The carpet was no easier to fit today than it was yesterday,and for the stairs needed to be cut spot on or there would be buckles across the tread of the step.
I cut up the carpet precisely using scissors, it takes a while but you can be sure that its right!
I only had one chance on this so it had to be right too!
With the new underlay down and the carpet cut it didn't take too long to hammer in the straight steps.
And then it was the winders.
Until now I hadn't needed to bend this carpet, but when doing winding you invariably need to turn in the edges to prevent fraying and also it looks better..
This was tricky with such a stiff carpet.
But I go it in eventually.
It did take a while and at 2.50 I was done.
I then had 10 minutes to look at a big job that I will do end of Feb or beginning of March that needed to be measured.
I was running out of time as there was a boat leaving at 3.15 and I wanted to be on it.
I was all packed and we jumped in the van and headed to lowertown quay.
We just arrived at the same time as the boat.
Perfect timing and off I went.
We had a much calmer ride home., the wind having dropped a bit and we were cruising along at 16/17 knots far more sedate and comfortable.
We were back on St Marys in about 10 minutes and I went to see what had arrived on the Gry yesterday.
I had 2 rolls of underlay,1 carpet and some door metals.
The underlay was nicely buried under my competitors 12 rolls,so I left them there and will fetch them and the carpet tomorrow.
I then headed back to Prospect House to carry on the ongoing job.
There was just time to put down 3 door metals and a hallway carpet and it was 5.30.
So home for tea and then out again to drop Mike and panto.
Tonight was the first performance and I had seats!
I took my middle son Brandon ( Hello Brandon!) along with my niece and we had a lovely time.
It was a very good performance, but they have 2 more to do and there are some twists and surprises, so no pics until the performances are done.
I don't want to give anything away.
It was very good with some top performances by our talented locals.. well done guys.
Michael made two appearances one as a child and the other as a garden gnome, (very cute!).
The panto finished about 10ish and we waited for Michael to change and we were home for 10.10.
They went to bed and I finally had chance to chat to darling wifey about each others days.
And here I a now at 12.40 still typing away!
I will add some pics in the morning now as I am just to tired to do anymore on this laptop!

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