Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A much better day today,probably the best day weather wise this month.
Started quite grey, but soon brightened up and with hardly any wind at all made for a very pleasant day.
Luckily I had plenty of time this morning to enjoy it too.
For my brother in law Martin had his auntie and uncle arrive today, their first time on Scilly.
They are only here for one night, so I gave them a tour of St Marys.
We went around the whole island, starting at the airport, down through Old Town, up to the Garrison,back through town, down to Porthloo and up to the golf course,
Then down to the viewing point at the bottom of Mcfarlands Downs.
Came back up and went down to the duckpond at watermill, and then around the rest of the island.
The whole trip took about one hour and a half and I reckon I enjoyed it as much as they did!
Maybe a future job for me if I get too old for carpet fitting....
Either that or photography.
This has been the best day since Christmas for taking pics, and my new camera hasn't let me down.
The zoom is huge and it is getting good shots every time.
Sure I could get better overall quality from a DSLR, but for me this little beauty (Canon SX10is) is a surefire winner and I recommend it very highly.
It just makes you want to go out and take more pics!

So after a spot of lunch, I went back to Prospect House and today it was a large kitchen vinyl,bathroom vinyl and hallway carpet.
This too more or less all afternoon.
With a quick break when I went around to Nundeeps guest house to pick up some underlay that I left behind..
All in all a good day and a good mix of business and leisure!
Tomorrow it definitely St Martins and an early start.
I will go down to the quay at about 8ish and see what boat I can jump on.
I'll be up there all day and may need to go back on Friday.
We'll have to see,one thing for sure there is no better way to travel to work than going by boat!


  1. Hi George, looks like you spent more time on boats yesterday (Thursday)than me! It's been pretty wild here the last two days. It looks positively tropical on the Scillies. Does that Gry Maritha run to the mainland? Penzance? if so how long does it take? is it cargo only?

    Cheers, Paul

  2. Hi Paul.
    Yes I have to admit the boating has been good, but the trip doesn't take long just over 10 minutes each way.. so not too long.
    The Gry is based in Penzance and takes 5 hours approx.
    She can take 12 passengers and leaves on a Monday,Wednesday and Friday afternoon normally.
    Weather permitting.
    She is a ex Norwegian frieghter designed for fjord shipments and not best suited to this Alantic run, but her crew are very good and come in all kinds of poor weather.
    I'm sure you would enjoy the trip!
    Although it doesn't cost alot more to come on the Scillonian 3 which is probably a better bet taking just under 3 hours in the summer season.
    I have to admit the weather here isn't a patch on yours!
    Cheers George

  3. Morning George,

    I thought she had that Norwegian look about her, looks like your in for some fresh but sunny weather on Sunday so enjoy your weekend and don't ruin a good walk by playing golf :-)

    Cheers, Paul

  4. Hiya Paul
    Not much chance of me playing golf tomorrow, its competition day and i'm not into all that competitive stuff as far as golf is concerned!
    We use a website called Metcheck which is pretty acurate for us down here.
    The guys are based in St Ives Cornwall and I think that probably helps.
    But you might want to keep half an eye on them and see if they can get it right for you..
    They say we may have some snow on Tuesday.
    I really hope so, I love it!
    Cheers George.

  5. Hi George,

    according to Metcheck we're going to get the snow on Monday :-( Me I like it for about a day, then once I've taken a few pics I hate it! A couple of years ago we were cut off for almost a week here, I managed to get into work every day by dropping the tyre pressures on the Land Rover to about 10psi. The snow plough only got halfway up the road and my wife and child got 'cabin fever'!

    Cheers, Paul

  6. Hi Paul.
    In all my life living over here the longest I have known snow to last it 3 days (I think,I was very young!)
    But te last couple of times it snowed in the night fairly well and by morning was mostly gone and by lunchtime was completely gone.
    So like most things that you just don't get very often when it finally happens, its just the best thing ever!
    I understand that mot people all over the UK have a much different opinion of snow, but for me I have never been in a position where it has been an inconvenience!
    Lucky me!
    I hope you don't get too much disruption mate!
    How do the pigs like the snow and freezing weather?
    By the way great pics of you at work in that rough stuff!
    No chance of getting into the slip with winds and seas like that!
    Cheers George.