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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Weekend already!?

Wow where did that week go?
It didn't seem to take long for that week to pass and here I am on the eve of a well earned day off thinking about mothers day lunch out again!
Today was yet another great day with sun all day, with just a hint of some cloud and murk towards dusk.
I got my delivery this morning so spent some time sorting it all out and getting all the right materials to the right places.
Then I was off to 2 Bay View Terrace to do 2 bedroom carpets.
They took me a while as they were a little fiddly.
The boys had a mate down from St Agnes today, so I played 10 minutes of football with them before going back to work this time a front room carpet.
It was all ready and I just needed to put down underlay and carpet.
Even though it was a fairly big room I had it done in an hour and then I was finished for the day.
On the way home I took a couple of pics of the Bishop and Wolf pub that has been having some work done to the front of it all week and it looking just about done now.
Hope so as we are in there for lunch again tomorrow!
And then on the drive home I stopped to take a pic of the church that was looking good in the afternoon sun.
Also got a pic of the clock that has been stuck at 12 o clock for a few months now since the main bell was removed.
The new bells will be arriving soon and hopefully when they are installed the clock will be operational again.
That's about it for me.
Sunday is mothers day so I am sure the boys will be treating their mum and looking after her very well!

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