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Monday, 16 March 2009

Angle lifeboat and sunshine

It was a cracking start to the week weather wise this morning and continued right throughout the day with unbroken sun all day and just a gentle easterly that wasn't too chilly so long as you were in the warm sun.
At lunchtime is was positively baking in my back garden and my car that was parked in the sun was cooking when I returned to it after lunch.
Had to open the windows to cool it down.
Some real heat about today and some of my friends and family really caught the sun already even wifey had a red face due to the sun today!
Work was ok but i'm easily distracted on sunny days so when I heard on the radio this morning that a brand new lifeboat was in the harbour I headed straight down for some pics and to show the boys before school.
She is a brand new boat, a Tamar class lifeboat that is a style that can be launched down a slipway and not kept on a mooring like our Severn class that is too big to fit in the lifeboat house.
After school drop off I had also heard on the radio that the new lifeboat would be departing at 9 o clock.
So I headed down to the quay thinking I could get a few shots of her leaving before I started work.
Well like all Scilly plans this one was in no hurry to get underway, and all she did at 9 was to leave her overnight moorings only to go to the quay to fuel up for the trip to Wales.
She must have taken on a large amount of fuel for she was alongside for a good 45 minutes.
I in the meantime hung around on the end of the quay patiently waiting with Frank Gibson to get a pic of her leaving!
We both got our pics in the end, but it left me a little late for work.
First job today was a simple flight of stairs, but my mind wasn't really on the job in hand today and I had one of those days when everything you need is in the garage and not in the car!
So lots of trips in the car to fetch bit and bobs and the simple stairs took me until lunchtime to complete.
After lunch and hanging out the washing in the warm sun I was due to do some work for Island Properties in various different holiday lets around the island.
It wasn't a huge success today but I did manage to get another kitchen done.
After the school pick up I decided to give the island properties jobs a break and headed for Crebinick Guest House who had a bedroom carpet all ready to go.
This was a doddle and ended the day nicely for me.
All in all a good day with 2 jobs completed and 2 started!
Tomorrow i'm off to Bryher in the morning and then some more for island props when I get back..

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  1. Hi George,

    I'm sure I've got really old Photographs of the Minehaha the Hathor and the Plympton taken by the Gibson's so I'm thinking it must be the same family?

    Cheers, Paul