Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bryher and more work..

So the day started brilliantly with bright sunshine and a cool easterly breeze, I had a boat to catch a boat to Bryher at 8.40a.m so didn't take the boys to school and headed for the quay at 8.30.
I was all ready to board at 8.35 and the Firethorn appeared on time to pick me up.
It was a calm trip across and I enjoyed a chat with some local workmen who were also heading up to Bryher for a couple of different jobs.
I was up at Bryher to do a bedroom carpet at Bank Cottage.
I was picked up by Mac and his dog Gypsy who seemed pleased to see me and off we went to do the job.
This carpet was measured by Mac and there needed to be a join under the wardrobe and chest of drawers.
It was a talking point for a minute or 2 as I hadn't brought any means of joining materials with me..this is typical of working on an off island, you can be sure you will need the very items you left in the boot of your car!!
So Mac searched about for some duck tape and I put in a temporary join that is hardly noticeable now that it is under the wardrobe!
When I was finished I had a few spare minutes so Mac showed me around his garden in particular an Agave in very good condition and looking great, he was also keen to show me his Koi pond and one of his fish was huge and named "Jaws" after it nearly took his finger off while trying to feed him!
There was 10 minutes spare leaving just enough time to run down and say "Hi!" to Richard Pearce.
He has some great new paintings on display and I am heading back soon for another look, I like Richards paintings and will get him to do me a commission one day..I will one day.
I also really like Steve Sherris' paintings too, just had to add that as I have told him that I like his paintings allot and I wouldn't want him to think that I had a favourite!!
So it was time to catch the boat home,it was the Hurricane on the way home effortlessly handled by my mate Neil Jenkins. It wasn't long before I was back on St Marys and on to the next job.
As I walked off the quay I couldn't help but notice the new pontoon looking very neat alongside the quay, this will make berthing of small boats and visiting yacht tenders much easier than the previous arrangement of a set of steps and small patch of sand/rocks that used to be used for dingies and suchlike.
My first job to do wasn't really ready for me to do as my underlay wasn't here, so I went back to Harbour Lights that I started last week to do flat 12.
Flat 12 overlooks the harbour and is most distracting while you are trying to work.
The view from the top floor is just stunning and this particular flat has large windows to make the most of the view.
I was too busy to take any pictures and had the flat basically done by teatime.
I stopped for a break at about 3.30 and took a quick drive up to Star Castle as I knew my kite surfing friends had gone to Samson for the afternoon as the wind was favourable there toady.
Unfortunately they were out of reach of my zoom and you can make out the kites and that was about it.
They were over a mile away so its not too bad...
After tea I got ready to go out as is was pool night and we took on the Mermaid "A" team and beat the 6-3.
We had a nice evening but lost the "Gallon" that we play for money, so that was a shame.
the money we win goes in a pot and we always go out for a meal and a few drinks at the end of the pool season.

I noticed that the Sapphire was gleaming today after being laid up alongside old quay for a polish and general tidy up for the new season.
I shall be going out her a few times this year to go shark fishing but also bird watching too..I can't wait!

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