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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Too many carpets,not enough time.

Today I have been all over the place fitting carpets.
First job was to finish off the flats in Harbour Lights.
This was dome by about 11.30 and then I went on to do a bedroom at Newfort House, that didn't take too long so then I went down to 1 Golden Bay to do a bathroom vinyl.
By now it was 3p.m and time to go and do my weekly football session for the kids down at the primary school.
It was lovely and sunny by now, after early mist and low cloud.
The session went well and we mixed it up quite a bit from what we normally do, so that was good.
After that we went to town to buy something for tea and then I went out to a meeting at the Old Town Inn for the Old Town Bay boating AGM.
I got my wish for an inner mooring down in the bay, so now I can get on and get my 14' GRP punt ready for the summer when I get some time, and with any luck have her in looking sweet by some time in May/June after she has had her gunwales replaced by Peter Martins and then a good paint job too.
Then I will be out around the bay catching fish for tea and maybe the odd lobster or crab too..
Sorry no pics today, just haven't had time to take even one!

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