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Thursday, 19 March 2009

No Delivery....

I was on the go bright and early, well about 8.30 and off to the quay to see if all of my stuff had arrived.
And surprise, surprise there was nothing at all there for me!
It turns out the Gry sailed early for some reason and my delivery failed to get to Penzance in time to make the boat.
So a different day from what was planned for me then.
I went off to Spanish Ledges flats to do a bedroom.
It took me most of the morning as I really couldn't do too much today due to lack of materials and I had a nice chat to Todd who was also working in the same flat as me.
I went off to get my dad a paper just as he called me to remind me to take him to the hospital to pick up some crutches to help him get about a bit easier.
His right hip is really giving him jip and the crutches have made it easier for him to walk,well a bit easier.
He is having a hip operation in the next couple of months to with any luck we shall see a big improvement!
After taking Dad home and having some lunch, I went to Merrick a holiday let in Rams Valley to stick down a kitchen vinyl that I fitted the other day.
I had just enough adhesive to do the job!
With that one completed next job was a bedroom at 2 Bay View terrace.
It was all clear and ready to go so I got the underlay down and had the carpet done in good time.
Leaving just enough time to do another bedroom carpet in Warleggan Flats.
By now it was past 5.30 and time for tea.
Seeing that I had been busy all day more or less I hadn't taken any pic again.
So I made the effort to get some and took a walk up to the top of Carn Thomas which is always a great view.
Today was no exception and I have put on a variety of view from the top,
It was quite hazy looking west into the sun but not bad looking away from it,typical conditions we get with a fresh easterly wind.
On the way home I stopped off at Old Town to quickly observe some birds having their tea.
There was 2 Oyster Catchers and black headed gull and a Greenshank all looking busy feeding at the waters edge.
I did get 3 different birds in one shot, this isn't unusual for Old Town where you can often see Little egrets,Grey Heron, Oyster Catchers, Greenshank and all types of gulls on a daily basis normally at the waters edge on the incoming tide.
We are so lucky to have this beauty right on our doorsteps and it is great to know what the birds are and take a bit of time to watch them go about their business... a very relaxing end to the day!

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