Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Its been another fantastic day, actually better than yesterday with all of yesterdays sunshine, but today hardly a breath of wind.
It has been picture perfect now thoughts are truly all about getting the boat ready.
We have some good friends coming over in April so it would be great to have it ready by then.
So today was an easy start with a good lie in and then a bit of spring cleaning, hanging the washing out.
Not much happened in the morning and then it was time for lunch.
Last weeks lunch at the Bishop was such a hit that we used Michael's birthday this week as an excuse to do it all again today!
Again it was very good and next week we can go again because it is mothers day..oh the hardship of it all!
After lunch we bit a quick bit of shopping and then headed for Old Town beach.
We met up with some good friends and the rest of the family.
We played football and my brother in law went looking under rocks for marine life, he found butter eels,pipe fish,starfish and an assortment of crabs.
There is a picture here of the eel and pipe fish in the bucket along with a small starfish.
We are lucky to have a plethora of marine life here on the islands, you just have to know where to look.
It was very warm down on the beach in the sun and the sea was so calm it looked to inviting that the boy decided it would be OK to take out their surf ski for a paddle, personally my feet were cold paddling around the shallows in my wellies!
I reckon the water temp can't be much above 9 or 10 degrees.
Any way they were very happy on the surf ski and had no complaints at all.
Unfortunately the afternoon was over all too soon and it was the unpopular decision to go home time!
By the time the boys were all bathed and showered I think they were pleasantly tired and all went of to sleep leaving me with some time to finally get around to do a proper post!
The weeks ahead is full of work again and I'm fully booked up till April by which time I am hoping for a bit of a rest maybe a few days preparing the boat and getting her down for the season nice and early.
Will just need a big blow to pass before I go for launching..always a good idea.
This weather can never last at this time of the year and we should really have a good gale before anyone gets any bright ideas about launching little boats!
Here hoping the gale comes sooner rather than later.
I have paid the price in the past of launching too early and having my boat sink in a severe gale, I'm not prepared for that to happen ever again!
I guess time will tell....

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