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Friday, 20 March 2009

Today started on a calmer note with only 2 jobs lined up.
Both of them were large carpet one being 8.50 metres long and the other 9 metres x 5metres.
So I actually started my day by washing by downstairs windows.
I have been watching a couple of Linnets in my front garden daily and really want to get a pic but as soon as I go outside or open a window they fly away.
The windows were a bit dirty making a pic through the window tricky.
Now they are sparkling, so next time I see the Linnets I should be able to get my pics!
It was another bright sunny day so I also washed the car that somehow had some oil up the side of it from yesterday. That is now sparkling too.
So with everything clean I went of to work feeling pretty happy with myself and set about doing the dining room at the Bylet guesthouse.
Its was a big area and took me all morning to prepare and fit the carpet.
After lunch I was spurred on by the weather to go and check out my boats.
I have 2 boats in the field my Bonwitco With 385"Springer" and my 14' GRP punt "Pirate" that needs a bit of work doing to her.
I intend to keep "Springer" the With in Town on a running line and should have her down in the next few weeks and Pirate will have some work done to her and with any luck shall be down in the summer at Old Town with a view to pottering around Old Town Bay for leisure and fishing where as Springer will be in town allowing quick and easy access to the off islands and fishing further afield, as she is significantly faster and better suited to island hopping for me.
So after the very pleasant boating interlude I needed to take a trip to the dump to get rid of some clutter that has been waiting to be dumped for a few weeks.
I spotted this Ladybird on one of the cardboard tubes that I was taking to the dump, luckily it had gone by the time i needed to load them into the car.Its the first one I have seen this year and was really enjoying the sun.
So with that done I headed up to Schooners Hotel to do a large lounge carpet that is right at the top of the hotel on the 3rd floor.
The lounge has stunning views across the harbour and is very distracting trying to work while the view is so good and frequently changing with boats coming and going...
The carpet was 9 metres long and was a huge lump that was actually delivered by crane through an open window as it was so heavy!
Thanks to Phill Deason for the pic he took on the 13th of the carpet being delivered!
I had a bit of help to unroll it and decided i could manage it then...well I did eventually but I have to admit it was quite a struggle and even managed to give myself a sore hamstring by pulling it into the right position.
It took me the rest of the afternoon to finish the carpet by which time the Gry was in and I had taken about 25 pics out of the windows of various different things.
Phil was giving the pontoon a wash off after running the inflatable onto the pontoon to give her bottom a clean, and getting rid of the seaweed.
It has been another cracking day and my weather station tells me that it reached 19.7 degrees at some point in the sun today.
At lunchtime it was 16 degrees without the windchill...there was little or no wind in my back garden..
So hopefully with the forecast looking good it should be a good weekend.
Pity I am working all day tomorrow.
On that note I going to head off to bed!

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  1. Morning George,
    Do you get paid by the Scilly Isles tourist board :-) because you should, your a great ambassador. Normally I you have to drag me kicking and screaming off Raasay but I keep getting the urge now to return to the Scillies! Despite beating you in this years Bar-B-Q stakes!

    Keep up the good work, Paul