Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Today started as well as can be expected for a Wednesday.
The was rain in the air while on the way to school, and having seen the forecast for it to get worse as the day went on, I made the brave decision to cancel football practise due to bad weather.
This is much easier to do at the start of the day while you can tell all the children and most of the parents before the start school and not have to worry about phoning each parent individually.
So with that sorted I was off to work.
It was the new head teachers house today to do a dining room and hallway in a wood effect vinyl.
He hasn't moved in yet and as such I have taken the bold move of taking a pic of my work.
I probably won't do this very often, I was quite impressed with my work today and the way I managed to pattern match two pieces of vinyl through a doorway, it was a perfect match and made the join barely visible...Ideal!
Vinyl fitting in an area like this is actually quite simple for me to do, it is the smaller areas like bathrooms that are normally more time consuming...
There was a fair bit of floor preparation on this job today as there had previously been a carpet fitted.
So I needed to remove the old staples and make sure the wood floor was as level and smooth as possible.
Vinyl is only as good as the floor it goes down on..If you have a rough floor you will end up with a rough job!
The other bind with this vinyl is that to make a decent job of it, it needs to be stuck down all over.
This can take as long as fitting the whole piece sometimes.
I had a couple of calls to make and samples to drop off today as well as the various different "Taxi" trips for wifey and the boys.
I reckon I probably spent an hour in the car today on all the different errands!
I finished the vinyl job at 4.30 in time for another trip to town for wifey.
Then it was home for tea for the boys before dropping wifey into town for a meeting.
At 7.30 Mike my eldest son was off to panto practise and wifey was ready to be picked up, also had time to pick up some fresh bread and milk as the Gry Maritha had made to rough trip to the islands with lots of goods.
I finally finished running about at just after 9 when Mike called to be picked up and now here I am typing this.
It was a good busy day and one more like what it should be lie for this time of year.
My biggest problem now after my distinct lack of work earlier in the week is now quite the opposite with 4 jobs all ready to go and awaiting my arrival!
Why couldn't they have been stretched out just a little.
No they all come along at once.
So its gonna be a busy few days for me starting tomorrow in the head teachers house to do a big lounge carpet.
And then off up to a job at Carn Friars.
I think the variety I get in my work is one of the best things about my job!
Not sure where I go after that though...
As predicted the weather did worsen and it rained all day more or less,and the wind has picked up too.
But its not too bad, just feels allot like winter!
Looks like we are in for a very similar day tomorrow...

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