Thursday, 22 January 2009

A dry start to the day which was good as it rained from yesterday afternoon right through to sometime early this morning.
We had the most rain in the UK apparently.
Looking around the place with lots of puddles and a heavily waterlogged football pitch,I can believe it!
We are lucky living on an island because we have no rivers,no flood plains and no trouble from heavy rain really.
It all just runs into the sea!
So after the trip to school, it was straight to work and down to the quay to see what came on the Gry Maritha.
She sailed from Penzance yesterday evening, unloaded and headed straight back to Penzance due to the bad weather forecast.
I think they docked in Penzance at around 1 a.m this morning, so my hats off to them for a great effort, well done boys!
The ship had brought in some underlay for me, which I am in a desperate need for, all of a sudden.
I received 4 rolls and realised that I really need another 5, so they are on the next boat for the weekends and Mondays jobs.
After the pick up I was back up to the head teachers house to do the big lounge.
It was a daunting room being 9 metres long and having 2 sofas and a piano to move and old carpet to take up.
It went very well and even though I didn't get there until 9.30 I was done by 11.15.
So I was happy with that!
Thanks to Richard Vaughan who gave up an hour of his time to help me with the furniture and piano...I couldn't have done it by myself!
So after that I had 3 calls to make, to drop off samples for more work coming in..
It seems that after a slow start to 2009 the work is now coming in thick and fast.
There is plenty of work to go around too, clearly, as my chief competitor seems to be busy too, and I am now fully booked until March and now have jobs through March to be getting on with, so its looking good on the work front!
After lunch I headed up to Carn Friars to do a small lounge carpet.
On arrival, the customer had lifted the old carpet which revealed quite a ropey old floor, a mix of concrete and century old wooden floorboards.
This was is a proper scillonian old, granite cottage which are just thick (3') granite walls built straight onto soil with no damp course.
The joists supporting the wooden floor are also just laid on soil propped up in places by the odd well positioned rock here and there.
I reckon the floor was original, dating back to when the house was built and must well over 100 years old.
By now it was quite springy and a little rotten in a couple of places.
Fortunately there was actually a carpenter in the house so we asked his opinion.
He recommended a full replacement... I agreed and left them to sort it out and moved onto the next job!
I shall go straight back when the new floor is done.
Doesn't seem to be allot of point putting a top quality carpet down on a ropey old floor.
So the next job was up near Pilots Retreat and a house that is due to be let on a semi permanent basis to someone working on the island,not sure who..
But Island Properties are handling the let.
Being a let I decided to take some pics showing the steps required in fitting a carpet, however I took the pics with my phone, and now the battery is flat, so will update with pics later.
I fitted the bedroom carpet with new underlay and it looked good.
I will be back there in the morning to do the second bedroom.
So a good productive day really and lots more to come,I will probably need to work this weekend to catch up as there are lots of people who are ready for carpet...

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