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Sunday, 18 January 2009

After last nights late night, I was lucky enough to get a magical Sunday morning lie in.
It was well received.
So after breakfast I managed to get one of my boys away from the games room and we popped out to catch a bit of footie and see how the sea was looking.
The weather was actually quite good this morning, windy yes, but not too bad.
There were a few showers around today, but nothing like I experienced last night!
The forecast for the week is a mixed bag of wintry showers and high winds.
Hopefully we will see some more big seas and maybe some snow!
I always hope for snow as living on Scilly it is very rare and only ever last for a few hours before melting away in the afternoon.
This has been my experience for the last 15 years or so.
I have experienced snow over here in my life, we had a fair bit when I was at school I think in 1987.
We didn't go to school that day and played out in it all day.
I remember one more time when I was younger still when we had some too.
I think we must be due some, and this year seems to be colder than recent here's hoping!
I didn't do much today,spent most of the day at home relaxing, watching TV and surfing the Internet.
My mother in law came around for a nice chat for a bit too, which was nice.
One good thing was that we were able to sort out a bit of an itinerary for our holiday to Devon which I am off on the 7th Feb.
We can't wait!
I'm hoping that this week brings allot more work to do.
I have one customer ready for tomorrow, so I guess I'll head up there in the morning.
Not much to talk about tonight as not much happened today, so cheers for now!

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