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Friday, 23 January 2009

A dry start to the day heralded a nice stroll to school.
It was quite a slow walk as we took our youngest to nursery today.
He seems to be doing well at nursery and now into his second week in getting used to the routine..
After the walk home, it was straight off to work and back up to yesterdays job to finish off.
Today was a bedroom and bathroom carpet in this house.
The floor was OK, but had previously had a carpet nailed to the floor and so I needed to remove all the nails.
I didn't count them but there were lots and lots,god only know what the person was thinking when they nailed it down? But it certainly wasn't going anywhere!
I then realised that 4 doors in the room were going to be too tight when the carpet and underlay went down, so I took them off and planed them to the correct height.
I did this before the underlay went down so I could use the room I was working in to trim the doors.
So then it was time for the carpet and underlay to go down, and this took me most of the morning...somehow.
I got all the doors back on and had the bedroom finished in time for lunch.
I must add my thanks to Rob E Doux for arriving in the house just as I was about to take the new carpet upstairs.
Talk about perfect timing..he literally knocked on the door as I was wondering how to get this big lump of carpet upstairs...Thanks Rob!
After lunch, which was a fried egg butty, I went back to the house and did the bathroom carpet.
This didn't take too long and then it was a trip to the tip with all the rubbish and old carpet tubes.
I decided to let the boys walk home by themselves seeing how the weather was good and left them to it.
I headed up to the new head teachers house to do his bathroom and stairs...well make a start anyway.
On arrival it turned out the decorators were just finishing off in the bathroom and I didn't fancy the stairs today, so I'm doing that in the morning now.
It was now about 3.30 so still time for another job..
I gave Dave and Michaela from Nundeeps a call as they had a bedroom carpet to do.
I have already done all their bedrooms and bathrooms as part of a major refurbishment that is nearly done.
This was the last carpet to be fitted and I think they were pleased to get it down as it has been a long time coming, and I think they can see light at the end of the tunnel now.
They have been decorating and doing other maintenance since November with only 2 days off!
This one didn't take me too long as the room was clear and gripper down.
So it was just a case of carpet and underlay.
I was probably only there for an hour or so but managed 2 cups of tea and a good chat.
If their workmen get looked after so well, I would certainly like to be a guest there!
I wish them well in their new venture for 2009.
So that was done, and so off home for Friday night fish and chips.
Normally in the summer this is a weekly treat, take away and eat out on the green watching the sun going down.
But in the winter, I'm happy to settle for just the food!
After tea I needed to drop Mike at panto rehearsal, only one more to go for him and then it starts....I think a week tomorrow...
Watched the Island Parish special featuring the Scilly Boys on BBC 2
Well I'm not sure if any of you saw it, but wow what an experience!
They must have been so close to being lost at sea,a very well made programme that was highly emotive and provocative .
Obviously it went a bit deeper for is living here as we know all the boys.
I rowed with Tim in the Serica for a couple of seasons and hold him in very high regard.
I think even more so now, knowing what he had to go through just to be with us today.
So glad it was a happy ending, it could easily have been a tragedy.
On that note, I'm going to turn in as its getting late and there's another full day tomorrow!
No pics today...I was just too busy fitting carpets and running around in the car...

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