Monday, 19 January 2009

Its Monday again and its surprising how quickly it has come and gone.
The day started with good intentions, but before I'd left the house, a message came through delaying my first job due to decorators not being finished..
So I enjoyed the short walk to school and back and set about sorting out some paperwork..yawn!
I guess it had to be done and with that done, there wasn't too much to do.
A hand full of phone calls and I needed to drop a carpet pattern book down to the quay to go to St Agnes.
Got that done and thought I'd check the progress of some of my customers decorating...
I have managed to book a job in for tomorrow, so this paid off!
Having heaps of spare time I was keeping my eyes open for photo opportunities.
I saw Peter Hicks kite surfing around the Porthmellon area so headed that way to get some pics.
Peter moves very fast on a breezy day like today, so I set the camera to continuous and shot away.
I must have nudged the manual focus button at the same time because all my pics came out fuzzy. How annoying!
It was getting cold standing on Newford Island taking pics and must have been colder for Peter out there in and on the water, so I headed back to the car having noticed and shower approaching..
Then it was more or less time to pick up the boys and after that time for one last call.
And that was about it.
Just before typing this I heard some thunder is the distance but it seems to have passed.
The weather is talking about random snowfall and they had a bit in Penzance today, so I live in hope that we get to see some.
I love it!
So tomorrow WILL bring some work and not before time!
Looking forward to it....
To finish off I have to add this bit of text that popped up today in the Daily Star.
"Chaos gripped the Scilly Isles as winds hit force 11 – one short of a hurricane. "
This was part of a piece about the weekends weather being very bad.
Although it was windy, I can assure you it was far from "chaos!
Just goes to show how much drivel is written just to fill a newspaper.
I see from tonight's local weather that we had a gust of 65mph.
Hardly scary!!

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