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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

So Tuesday is here and its much the same as Monday....
Only today I managed to put down a carpet!
It was a large hallway carpet in a house up on Jackson Hill.
The job went well and looked good when it was done, so nice to get some work done finally.
Tomorrow should bring more work with another house nearing completion of decorating.
Weather wise it is feeling cold with quite a biting wind and the odd hail/rain shower, but for the best part of the day it was sunny.
I finished early and went down to pick up the boys.
With them picked up, we all went into town for a spot of shopping before dropping them off at home.
While darling wifey got the tea ready I took the chance to nip out and get some photos.
I hadn't taken any by this time and the sun was beginning to set.
I figured the best place to take pics of the sun going down today had to be up on the Garrison with the sun going down behind Annet and the Western Rocks.
There was quite a sea giving the Western Rocks and in particular the Haycock a good pounding.
Phill had taken an amazing pic of the Haycocks and Bishop Rock just the other day, and I felt inspired, so had a go myself, only from a slightly different angle.
With the sun going down and the mix of lots of sea spray, big waves and my huge zoom I was quite chuffed with my pics...
There was plenty of opportunity for photos just sat in the car outside Star Castle and I happily snapped away until the sun went down.
So with the pics in the bag I headed home for a super meal of lasagne that wifey had knocked up in no time...delicious!
Tuesday night is POOL night , so I headed out at 8 p.m. to the Atlantic Inn, our home venue, where tonight we took on the Golf Club B team or was it "A" team......
Anyway we won 6-3 even though I managed to lose my singles game and my doubles game ( No help to the team tonight!)
A good night was had by all, as usual and it was good to catch up with 2 of my mates who have just got back from a skiing holiday, they had a few stories to tell.( None that interesting,but good to hear if they are your friends, lol!..)
And that's about it for today.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to be heading into the new head teachers house which is nearly ready for me I believe.
Apparently there will be severe gales and heaps of rain tomorrow,might make the football training interesting!!
The pitch is already very muddy, so it will be called off if there i rain in the afternoon...we will see.
I have also added a pic of my eldest son who is clearly following in my photographic footsteps...bless him!

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