Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sunday,Monday,Tuesday and brief!

So after a really busy week and hopefully my last one like it for a long time.
It was great to wake up on Sunday morning to open the curtains on a beautiful day.
today was the last league match of the year and was being played just down the road on the primary school pitch.
We headed down a bit late with a picnic and watched the men play while also playing on the skate park.
It was great down there and we all had a good time, after the men had left we had a kick about before heading up to the Garrison to do a bit of Lasertagging.
This is like paint balling with the paintball guns.
You use laser guns instead that are very accurate..
You wear a baseball cap with a sensor front and rear.
We started off on the football pitch hiding behind camo windbreaks that well placed all over the field.
After that we headed off into the pine trees for a team game and then back to the field to do a last man standing game where it was every man for himself.

Now I'm not an aggressive person at all, but I have to admit I did get caught up in the game and took it all quite seriously, particularly i our final game that was adults only in the woods where my team took on another..and won!
The guys running the lasertag sessions were across from Penzance where they run a business over there where you can go along and play.
It was great fun and I think everyone should have a go...
After all the running around of lasertagging and lots of football I wasn't really up for much for the rest of the day, and didn't do much when we got home.
A good day off.
I woke up Monday morning determined that my busyness was over and I was going to have an easier time now.
This meant re arranging jobs and basically avoiding work for a few days.
The boys are off from school for the Easter holidays and I really struggle to go to work when the whole family is home having fun.
I think I finally went to work mid morning and did some work.
Can't remember exactly what now......
I certainly recall spending a long while on the phone to some men in India about my lack of internet but was assured several times that it was an exchange fault.

On Tuesday I was pinned down to finish off my last job for Island Properties.
A hall,stairs and landing at 2 Bayview Terrace.
I got this done in quite good time with my son Brandon helping me out.
I reckon he will be the one son that might well follow in my footsteps.....
At lunchtime I had another half an hour on the phone to Tiscali but had a bit more success managing to reset my router of which half of the setting were incorrect, but it still didn't work.
So I went back to work again.
When I got home after work the internet was back and I was a happy man.
No idea what happened in the end, why it went off or how it came back and I don't care really.....It just good to have it back!

Today Wednesday has been fairly straight forward with a bit of running around with the kids this morning and the guinea pigs to clean out, washing to hang out and some vinyl to fit in a bathroom.
After lunch I did another bathroom vinyl and prepared a room for more vinyl.
It was a fairly easy day, and tomorrow I am heading back up to St Martins and Churchtown Farm to do 2 more bedrooms and bathrooms in their staff accommodation...

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