Wednesday, 8 April 2009

St Martins

So going back to last Friday and it was quite a hectic day.
I had a whole load of work to do on St Martins, 5 bedrooms,hallway and lounge carpets to be done on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning before the guests arrived at lunchtime on Saturday.
Now I'm not normally this dis organised and usually manage to get my jobs done with time for the customer to get their places ready for their visitors.
But this one I had left a bit late and then was let down by the carpet manufacturers who took well over a week to get the carpets delivered.
This usually takes a few days...
The problem was compounded by the lack of the Gry Maritha and it was all down to my friends at the Carpet Warehouse in Penzance who managed to arrange to get the carpets on the Scillonian.
It was always going to be a bit of a rush.
The delivery went well and it everything arrived on time, more or less.
The Lightning took all of the carpets and underlay in one trip and I followed up on the next trip after having to wait a while until I could find the Gripper that was also on the Scillonian too.
It was found just in time by my mate Eldred on the quay who found it for me and I had about 3 minutes to spare before the Lightning left for St Martins.
So a mad hour there...
On arrival at St Martins I was presented with a mountain of carpet and underlay that all had to done in a short space of time.
We didn't hang about and set straight to work.
I managed to get 4 bedrooms and the hallway done by the time my boat home was due to leave at 6.50.
By now the weather had closed in and it was raining and blowing hard too.
But I was happy with my achievements for the day.
I was glad to get home for a good rest, but I would be up early the next day to head back up to finish off.


So it was an early start with a 8.10 boat.
It was a bright start and with just a bedroom and lounge to do and some doors to plane I had no real worries that the job would be completed in time.
I set about finishing off and got it all done by my lunchtime deadline.
the guests had arrived on an early boat but were happy to sit and wait in the garden sat out on chairs in the sun.
I took a few pics when I had finished and took a walk down to the quay before heading home on the Voyager.
On the quay it was really good to see Bee and Jeff from Bristol who had just arrived for a diving trip.
I'm glad the weather was good for their arrival.
While leaving on the Voyager the wind was offshore and the smell of the gorse that was in flower on Cruthers Hill was truly amazing.
Just a lovely scent.
I headed home when I got back St Marys for a well earned rest and settled down for a nice weekend...
Then I lost my internet connection!!!!!

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