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Thursday, 9 April 2009

St Martins

It was pretty foggy last night when it was dark and I was pleased to see that it had gone when I woke up this morning.
It was still grey though and there was a stiff southerly breeze, set to increase throughout the day.
I had breakfast and headed down to the quay to see if any boats were heading up to St Martins.
I had a job up at Churchtown Farm again to do another 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
I was in luck, as I arrived the Lightning was just getting ready to leave.
So i hopped on with my tools and all and headed off into the choppy sea.
It was a fine trip up and I managed a couple of pics.
There is a Razorbill in one shot, you can just make out a blackish blob!
I got a lift up to the farm from Lowertown Quay and set straight to work.
I timed the day well, with it being Keith Lows' official retirement "do" at the farm and at 10.30 everyone stopped for coffee and cake and other nibbles.
It was lovely and there was speeches from Andrew Julian and Keith himself who was presented with an brand new outboard as a retirement gift.
He has been dedicated to his job and this is truly a worthy gift for a highly respected local man.
I had lots to do though so headed back to work and I had one room completed by lunch.
After lunch of a couple of sandwiches I knuckled down to work and finished off the other room and bathroom and was all done by 3.30.
So another successful day on St Martins.
There was a boat to catch back down at Lowertown at 4.10, so we got a lift down and when we got there the weather was pretty grim.
The tide was high making it difficult to berth the Lightning but skipper Paul Smith did a great job of bringing her in and although she was bobbing like a cork alongside the quay all the passengers and luggage were safely transferred.
The trip back was quite rough to start off with a by now very fresh wind probably a force 7 or so..
It was also nearly high tide which at the moment are spring tides and this made a difference to the sea state too.
When I arrived back at St Marys I had a few things to do and by now it was raining properly after being on and off spitting for most of the day.
It dried briefly letting me take a few pics from up at Buzza Hill and down at Holgates Green
From Holgates I spotted an old Bonwitco "With" boat that is pretty much what I am looking for by way of a new if any one sees one similar for sale let me know please?
They have brought out a new model now so may look a bit different but these boats are ideal for over here.
Well those and maybe a Pioner 15 or Viking for me.
I had the Pioner Maxi and we outgrew it as a family of 5!

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