Saturday, 11 April 2009

A beautiful day

The day got off to a great start today with a well deserved lie in.
I'm not a big lie in fan normally preferring to get up and enjoy the day, but just recently I have been really enjoying a bit of extra time in bed in the morning.
I think I was up and about just after 10ish, had a good shower and shave and was set up for what was looking like a perfect day.
All forecasts were looking good and for tomorrow too.
So we got a bit of washing out, had a bit of a tidy up and then it was time for a quick bit of lunch before heading up to the health centre for the afternoon table top sale.
We arrived very early, in fact too early for the tables hadn't arrived when we got there.
It wasn't long until they turned up and we set about sorting out various bit and bobs to sell.
The sun was lovely and warm and the view from the car park very good too.
We had the sale from between 2.30 and 4.30 although several keen buyers were checking out the goods well before that! hehe.
The sale was a success being in aid of the Hospital league of friends and we were helped out by our local young footballers who were helping out behind the tables as part of a community task for them to be able to take part in the upcoming Plymouth Argyle training weekend being held at the end of this month over here.
The kids were really good and were a pleasure to have around.
We raised over £200 today from sales of jumble,cakes,toys and books, plus a raffle.
So it was all good.
After the sale all of us that organised the sale felt it would be a good idea to pop down to the chip van again..
And by the time all the unsold goodies had been sorted out it was almost teatime.
So we headed down to Porthcressa once more for some sausages and chips tonight.
It felt a bit warmer tonight as there was no wind to speak of at all.
There were many people out enjoying the weather, people walking, playing volleyball or just sitting enjoying the view.
Whatever you fancied it was a good day for it!
After tea and a quick kick about on the bank we had a quick look down the quay (the boys favourite place!)
And then it was home for bath and bed.
I certainly feel like I have been in the sun today, my ears are hot and I reckon I really should have put on some suncream!
That is the problem over here it needn't be hot to get sun burnt.
The temp was about a top of 16 degrees in the sun out of the wind, but the strength of the sun is quite something, and I saw more than a few people looking a bit to red...
A warning for any visitors out there, wear a hat and always apply a good suncream before heading out when any sun is about.
Tomorrow being Easter Sunday, no doubt will be an early start with the boys being keen to find out what the Easter bunny may have left...

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  1. Looks like your having a great time of it down there in the Scillies George. It's a bonny day here on Raasay also today (Easter Sunday) but sadly I'm working. How I miss our chip van :-( we had one here for a couple of years but two poor summers was too much for the owners so they sold up and moved south. Shame because since they left we've been having long dry ones and England's been getting short wet ones :-)

    Enjoy your hols, me I finish on Tuesday for a week :-)

    Cheers, Paul