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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Aaah Sunday!
The day started well with a good lie in, didn't get up until about 9ish and then on opening the curtains it revealed a beautiful sunny day.
So after breakfast it was outside to hang out the washing,first time this year outside!
With a cool dry north westerly and the warm sun it was perfect drying weather, good job because there was 2 loads to peg out!
With that job done we all headed up to the Garrison to watch the footie match and have a kick about.
We headed down to the harbour after the match and saw a new boat in the harbour.
It is a taster of the new medical launch that is owned by James Terry.
This boat is not his, but has the same hull.
James' boat has been custom built for the job and look to be a winner.
From what I hear she should be here in a few weeks all being well.
After a quick lunch all of the boys were happy playing different games and not as keen as me to go out again for a walk somewhere.
Wifey found me some jobs in the garden that needed doing so after letting the guinea pigs have a run about in the long grass I set about mowing the lawn and fixing the back gate that someone had broken.
Looked as if it had been kicked in or rather out!
With those jobs done it was late afternoon, so I got the washing in and did my bit for tea by peeling some spuds!
It was now a lovely evening with not a cloud in the sky.
After tea at around 6.30 it was still pretty light outside, a great sign that spring is on the way, and now my thoughts are turning to preparing the boat for the new season.
I hope to have her in first week in April with any luck.
So that was my day, another busy day awaits tomorrow but I think I am getting a grip of it now and have a plan to get it all done.
I am planning a week off in April at the end of term to have a bit of a break and maybe do some fishing and boating and stuff!
Looking forward to it!

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