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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Carpets and Kite Surfers

We all left the house this morning to go to school in the sunshine with a gale blowing.
Not normally a problem but today the boys were in fancy dress for today is world book day and they could go as characters from books.
Brandon went as a black goose, he looked good when we left the house but his webbed feet didn't do too well with the walk down the school path due to the high winds.
It was fair to say that he wasn't impressed.
The other 2 boys managed to keep the fancy dress in one piece Mike going as "Ben 10" and our youngest going as Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs....however he wasn't too keen on dinosaurs so substituted them for penguins instead, his favourite creature!
After school drop off I went straight to the quay to see what the boat had brought.

I am very pleased to say that there was a small mountain of carpets that should keep me very busy for at least a week and there more to come on the next boat leaving tomorrow afternoon.
Ideal, now I can finally get cracking and start ticking off some jobs at last.
My job list was getting bigger and bigger but should ease a bit now!
First job this morning was a front room in non slip vinyl.
The floor was quite rough so I really had to give it some attention before fitting.
I had it fitted before lunch though and went to take a few pics on the way home as it was looking lovely with the tide in and bright sunshine and blue skies,lovely!
After lunch I just needed to stick down the vinyl and it didn't take long.
When the job was done I went to the quay to take away all of my carpets.While on the quay I spotted a rock pipit very close searching for scraps to eat.
I then delivered them to Beachfield House B&B where I am renewing all of the bedroom carpets.
Should have it all done by the end of Monday even though its a big one.
I managed to get one room nearly done today and it was one of the bigger rooms so some good progress made there today.
I knocked off just after 5 and headed home for tea, as I left I could see a couple of kite surfers at Porthmellon, so headed around the corner to see if I could get some pics.
They were just about to stop, One guy was walking up the beach as I was walking down the waters edge.
On closer inspection I could see that it was my mate Peter Hicks still out on the water, as he got close to me he shouted that the wind was really dropping off and he was going to pack in, but not before I caught him in a couple of "poses"!
If you see a kite surfer over here and he is doing lots of jumps then it is most likely Peter, he has been at it for the longest over here and looks very much at ease with the whole thing.
I held his kite very briefly today and man there is some pull in it.
You must need to be so careful!
So then I headed home for tea and I've not been out since!
Tomorrow brings a whole heap of work but I feel like I have a bit more control over the situation now!

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  1. Morning George,
    Wish I had a pound for every time I'd read the 'Bucket full of dinosaurs' to my boy. Has your school been doing the extreme reading competition? I got some excellent pics of one of the teachers reading in the ferry wheelhouse and one of my boy sat on a chair in the middle of nowhere. Nice pic of the rock pippit, we have one that roosts on the ferry in the summer! as soon as we tie up he flies under the aft upper deck and perches on one of the cable trays.

    Cheers, Paul