Monday, 2 March 2009


Another Monday is upon us and it heralds the start of my busiest month of the year.
So far none of my carpets for my biggest jobs have turned up, but they should all start arriving this week.
With the lack of carpets to fit I didn't exactly rush off to work this morning,its fair to say that I don't like Mondays anyway on the best of weeks.
Today however was a beautiful day and the walk to school provided the best view of the day across Old Town beach with the tide high it was looking lovely.
At school I bumped into Heike the vet and mentioned that one or our guinea pigs has a nasty lump on her back and that it looked like a big cyst.
She made an appointment for me there and then at the school and by 10a.m I took poor Maxi around.
She had a sebaceous cyst that had got really quite big,
we had noticed it before we went away but had really got very large by the time we got home and was still growing and now starting to looks sore.
The removal of the cyst was a fairly straight forward task and she was soon back home and looking happier.
She looks happy tonight too which is good!
After that it was still very lovely weather wise so I hung out another 2 loads of washing.
I have to say that its not as if the weather hasn't been fit to hang out washing, but in our garden it really need to be a nice breeze combined with bright sunshine and also have the time in the day to hang it all out.
Usually we just hang it on airers inside and around the place.
Its been good to get some air through the clothes and they look better for it..
I then had a call to attend to which I duly did and even started a small job, only to find that I needed some gripper that won't be here until tomorrow morning so went home for lunch.
As it was so good we ate outside in the sunshine, after lunch in the garden it was evident that the garden could do with some attention so having no immediate jobs to do we set about tidying and re securing the roses away from little hands.
I had fixed the gate and mowed the lawn yesterday, and after today's efforts it looking really quite neat,shame that its going to rain for the next couple of days.
I thought that I should try and get some work done so headed off to Westford House B&B to continue with their en suite bathrooms.
I had received some new Cd's through the post before I had left home, so I happily sang to myself for the rest of the afternoon.
I managed to get 3 fitted and decided that would be enough, so then popped to the Co-op for a few bits and bobs for tea.
So then home for tea and by now it was starting to cloud over a sign that the weather is on the change.
Well it was good while it lasted and has given me a real taste for spring and summer.
It won't be long before I have the boat in and am off to other islands and beaches.
I can't wait, just got to get through this busy March and I'll be happy!

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