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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Busy busy again!

No end to work at the moment, with a big consignment coming in tonight on the Gry with any luck!
The past 2 days have been all vinyl in bathrooms of different shapes and sizes.
I have done 5 and also a kitchen all in non slip vinyl.
The method of fitting vinyl means that it needs to be stuck down all over to ensure it doesn't stretch or move or even curl at the edges, also in bathrooms I normally put down some clear Silicone around the edge to make sure that no water gets underneath the vinyl and to prevent any flood troubles.
The upshot of all the sticking down is that I use my hands to push the non slip vinyl onto the floor all over to make sure there are no bubbles or air underneath.
Now I have sore fingertips from all of the friction!
More vinyl to do tomorrow as well so may well get some gloves!!
Its good to be busy but really I am too busy now and suffocating in the workload as I seems to be running out of time to do all the jobs.
I'm sure it will all get done,but I'm going to have to work really hard and may not find the time to update so much!
Last night was pool night and we took on the Sons of the Desert or SODS from the Old Town Inn.
We played them already this season and they won 6-3, last night was no different despite having the home advantage they still beat us.
Apparently we are 3rd in the "league" just behind the SODS and miles behind the leaders who I think are the Bishop "A". team.
We don't take it too seriously so are not too bothered about the league position...that said its always nice to win!!
The weather of the past couple of days has taken a wintry feel with frequent rain yesterday and heavy hail in the night, with today bringing more heavy showers with a mix of rain,sleet and hail thrown in depending where you might be on the island!
I am pleased to report the Maxi the guinea pig is doing well after her cyst removal and you would hardly know that she had a huge lump on her back, bless her.
I have a couple of pics to put on in a bit from a very grey yesterday and a bit better today!
I am seriously running out of hard drive space on my laptop and am looking for an external hard drive to ease the burden!
Any recommendations gratefully received!
So that's all I have time for today, I'll get some pics up later on if I get time!


  1. Hi again, I wanted to let you know that I have presented your blog with an award. You can see it by visiting my blog and reading the "Fabulous Blog Award" post.
    Keep blogging!
    The Lady

  2. Hey George! You are very welcome, be sure to copy the award details on my site and pass the Award on to your favorite 5 blogs. Copy the little award picture and save it to your computer.
    You will be amazed in the next few days by the visitors that will now view your blog because of the award.
    The Harley Bikers that visit my blog will now come to yours once you put your award up, because they will see your link in my 5 blogs listed that I awarded.
    I love the pictures you share. You do a great job blogging!
    The Lady

  3. George

    We use a Maxtor Hard Drive which does the job for us and is portable. I would recommend some research though as I am no expert. Ebuyer might also be worth a look as the prices are good.