Sunday, 29 March 2009

Friday St Martins

So well it is all a bit of a blur now, but i'll try and catch up..
Friday started very early again with little Ben waking at 6.30 again.
It was ok though as today was going to be an early start anyway,as another day on St Martins was on the cards.
I needed to finish off what I started on Thursday, the rooms were so big that even a 5 metre wide carpet wasn't enough to do the width of the room in one go and I had to put in a join down one side
of the room.
Joins in this particular type of carpet are quite tricky and it took a while for me to do them.
When that was done I set about doing the 4 bathrooms.
I was quite lucky because the bathroom were clear of all bathroom fittings such as toilet and sinks,etc.
This makes life so much easier as then I only have to cut straight lines around the edges of the room.
So it wasn't too long before I had done all 4 and it left me time to finish off a job that I started weeks ago and just needed a small join finishing.
A very productive day on St Martins.
After the day of work I was very tired and was feeling a bit under the weather, so I didn't do anything at all after I got back to St Marys.

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