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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ahh relax...

So after a busy week I was glad to not have to work today.
I almost did but managed to get out of one job and kind of ignore the other!
I was awake last night just at the time when the clocks went forward having fallen asleep on my comfy sofa.
So I was glad that Ben woke up at 8.30 this morning allowing a good bit of sleep, clever boy!!
We opened to curtains to reveal a stunning day outside the window.
It was unexpected as the forecast I had seen said something entirely different.
I took the opportunity to get my work clothes in the wash ad out on the line, before heading up to the Garrison to watch the final football match of the season.
It was a good match with it being only 8 a side,the score was 7-6 in the end with the half time score being 5-1 to the losers.
I can never remember what team wear what kit but the reds won today, so it was either the Woolpack Wanderers or the Garrison Gunners!
After the match finished we stayed up to have a kick about on the pitch and have a play in the play park.
I took a couple of pics on the way down the hill, before heading down to Old Town beach where the bay association of boat owners were setting about checking their moorings and replacing old chain where necessary.
It looked lovely down here, but by now a chilly westerly had started and if the sun went behind a cloud it was a bit chilly.
Whereas up on the garrison it was T-shirt weather while playing footie...
After the trip to the beach I decided that some well deserved relaxing time was called for so did very little for the rest of the day.
Only had to pop into town to get some milk for breakfast and pop into see my dad this evening.
so a nice relaxing day in the sunshine.
And it looks as though the weather for the week is looking ACE!
Perfect, might get the boat in......

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