Sunday, 29 March 2009


Saturday started well with a slightly later start of 9 o clock.
I went to the quay so see what the final Gry for a week had delivered, and I was happy that everything that I had ordered had arrived.
So I loaded up the car with the 10 rolls of underlay and dropped them into my garage.
Then it was off to do a hall stairs and landing at Treglesyn in Rams Valley.
This took most of the day and I had a few other calls to make and a site meeting at the Town Hall with my mate Mark from Wright Construction.
I will be doing lot of tiles in the old reception area which will now be office space.
After work I arrived home where we quickly made a decision that we could go out for tea.
We went up to the Scillonian Club and sat in the Lyonesse Bar overlooking the harbour.
It was a good honest bit of grub and the view was just lovely.
We sat and enjoyed our tea and watched the sun going down.
I can recommend a club burger!!
Some pics here from the Lyonesse bar, including a flock of Turnstones taken at dusk through the window.
All in all another good day with another job nearly completed.

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