Thursday, 26 March 2009

St Martins.

Had a good day up on St Martins today to do two very large rooms that are going to be used as staff accommodation at Churchtown Farm.
Going back tomorrow morning at 7.45 to finish off and do 2 bathrooms.
A busy day but not too different from any other at the moment really, i'll let the pics do the talking........


  1. Morning George,

    Could do with some of your weather up here just now, I'm just about to leave for work and it's snowing! Never said anything about that on the forecast. At work for 7:45! well done mate, well I'm assuming you made it :-)

    Keep up the good work, Paul

  2. Hiya Paul
    You will be pleased to know that I made it.
    I was actually on the quay ready for the boat at 7.30!
    Bens' trick of waking at 6.30 worked again and has been useful as a kind of alarm clock!
    Got the work done too actually did 4 bathrooms in the end and finished earlier than planned!
    Hope you have some good pics of the snow for me mate!
    I am wondering now, will you make it down here to me before I get up there to you...I reckon one way or another our paths will meet!
    Cheers George