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Monday, 23 March 2009

On the countdown.

Well I reckon I have now less than 2 weeks until this madness is over.
I am still flat out at work doing holiday lets and bed and breakfast places.
Today saw a real panic when a I realised that I hadn't ordered the carpets for a job that must be done next week.
Normally a week is enough time to get a carpet here, but this particular company takes a bit longer.
So ok it was going to be arriving a bit later,no problem.
Then we realised that the Gry Maritha will be out of action next week for her annual service and general check up.
Which means that the Scillonian 3 will be providing cover.
Only as it is the Scillonian all deliveries have to be at the quay at 8.a.m or you don't get your stuff.
Not easy trying to get that sorted out, but my friends at the Carpet Warehouse in Penzance have managed to sort it all out and it will all be fine.
The day itself was fairly straight forward with a dining room to do at the Bylet guesthouse and after lunch a flight of stairs to do at Mincarlo guesthouse.
No pics from today other than a couple of a Linnet that I have had in my garden since I moved in over 2 years ago.
He's a happy but timid little chap that likes to feed on tiny bits of what the sparrow,thrushes and blackbirds leave behind.
I hadn't really noticed Linnets generally since I lived here.
They are pretty little brown birds and at present we have 2 in the garden, so I am assuming they are a couple as they follow one another around.
Hope you enjoy the pics, I certainly enjoy watching the birds.

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  1. It turns out that my Linnet is more likely to be a Dunnock, however it is still a cracking little bird