Thursday, 15 January 2009

Woke up today to a howling gale and lots of rain.
So we decided to give the short walk to school a miss and take the car.
This sounded like a really good idea just after my niece had called to say that waves were breaking over the bank at Old Town and with the wind and driving rain she had arrived at school soaking wet.
I could see that today I was going to be mainly a taxi driver for the family!
One of the reasons why I have a 7 seater !
So we all piled in the car and picked up my 2 nephews on the way and took the 1 minute drive to school!
The tide had dropped by the time we were passing Old Town beach and the waves weren't over topping the wall now.
But it was still raining, so we were all glad we were in the car.
After school drop off I went to see if I could get some pics of the big seas, but the wind and rain combination didn't make for good photography and I didn't fancy getting my new camera covered in rain and saltwater so sat in the car and took a couple of pics instead.
Having failed on the photography front I thought that I may as well go to work..
First job up was just a bit of vinyl to fit under a washing machine in the utility room that I did last week.
Conditions in the room made it to tight to remove the washing machine and a shelf unit had to be disassembled in order for the machine to come out so the vinyl could go underneath.
The job didn't take too long and then I went to quay to see what had turned up on the boat for me.
I had 2 carpets and 3 rolls of vinyl that have arrived in time for Mondays job.
I took a couple of small rolls and delivered them to the customers house.
It was still raining...
Then I thought it was probably time to return to the first job that I should have done this week on Monday morning.
Well I tried but again I couldn't get in and there was no response from doorbell and a hefty knocking..Not sure where to go next I remembered that today is my sister Jayne's birthday...and she is 40 today!!
So I called in to see her at work to wish her many happy returns.
Is wasn't long before lunchtime was nearing and I remembered that I needed to pick up the youngest son from nursery at 11.30.
I only realised at 11.33! Typical!!
I was there by 11.34 and no-one was any wiser that I was running a bit late, although my boy was the last child sat very patiently on the carpet waiting for me, bless him.
It only his 4th time in nursery and we all think he is doing really well.
So I took him home and then decided that it was close enough to lunchtime to stop for lunch!
After lunch I needed to pick up my dad and take him into town for a few bits and pieces, and then drop him at the health centre.
I left him to it and tried that house again...I finally had the idea to call ahead and warn them of my pending arrival..and although I rung the bell and knocked hard still no-one came to the door.
One last chance and I gave the door a good shove to see if it would open and I was in.
It turns out they were working out the back and couldn't hear knocking or doorbells and the front door has swelled up in all this wet weather and appears to be locked!
So I was in and set about the job.
Quite a simple one really just a hallway carpet..
I needed to break away from this job at 2.45 to take my dad home, so off I went ..
On the way I saw my accountant who had a few queries about my accounts.
So after I took my dad home I went around to sort that out.
It didn't seem like I was at my accountants for very long, but by the time I got back to work it was 3.30..
I carried on until 4.30 when I needed to take wifey and her children back to town.
So I was finished for the day now and headed home for tea.By now the rain had finally stopped and the wind abated a bit so it wasn't as bad as this morning.
Looks like we are in for some really wild stuff this weekend and continuing right into the middle of next week.
If it as bad as they are saying I doubt the ship will sail, meaning a total lack of fresh food, including all fruit,dairy and bread that people on the mainland take for granted.
I must remember to stock up tomorrow and Saturday just in case....
I do like a good gale, but draw the line when it means we don't get any provisions!
Well that's enough from me, I'm back to that hallway in the morning and then I hope I get a call from any one of about 5 people that are still decorating and still not ready for their carpets to be fitted!
Cheers George.

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