Friday, 16 January 2009

A better start to the day today, so we walked to school like normal.
On the way back I had a quick look for those oyster catchers and sure enough they were there again.
They must be resident on, or near the beach because every morning there are 6 of them checking out what the high tide brings.
They must be feeding on sand hoppers that are drawn out of the sand because of the incoming tide, Cracking little birds.
Today there was also 5 little Turnstones checking out the seaweed on the tide line,these little guys are so well camouflaged even though they were probably only 6 feet away from me, i didn't notice them until they moved.
So then it was off to work and to finish off the hallway I started yesterday afternoon.
What should have been a simple job was made a fair bit harder because there wasn't really enough carpet to do the hallway in one piece of carpet.
So I needed to patch together 4 pieces to make a piece of carpet big enough to finish off the job..
This was one job that I didn't measure myself, if I had I would have made sure I could have done it with just the one join.
The job took me until lunch to finish.
After lunch it was a quick trip to the tip with the old hall carpets and other rubbish and then on to a few calls and measures.
I needed to drop some samples on the quay for collection to go up to St Martins.
I look forward to my off island jobs, there is something really good about going to work by boat!
My calls and measures took me until school pick up time quite nicely what with a cup of tea over discussions..very civilised!
I decided to call it a day after school pick up, well it is Friday after all!
Hopefully next week will bring heaps of work to do.
I have plenty of flooring waiting to fit, just waiting for the customers to be ready for fitting.
Looks like we are going to have some really high winds tomorrow night, along with a whole load of rain, and its all due when wifey and I are due to be out on the town celebrating my sisters birthday!
Well lets hope I'm able to get out and about to take a few pics tomorrow....

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