Sunday, 11 January 2009

Today started much better for me with a long lie in, theres something so good about lying there listening to a gale of wind outside the window safe in the knowledge that you don't have to go anywhere..
So a very easy morning was had by the entire family.
Usually on a winter morning we all go up to the Garrison pitch to watch the football match and then have a kick about and quick play on the play park.
So today I felt that we would head off up there like normal, only problem was a lack of motivation from the younger members of the family who were all too happy to stay indoors and play on their gaming console.
Not to be put off I decided to go up anyway, so lovely wifey got the boys sorted and off we went.
When we arrived the match was being filmed for television by a Norwegian camera crew who seemed intrigued with our league on the islands.
The Isles of Scilly league is renowned globally now as the smallest league in the world, regular visitors to the island will know all about last years Adidas advert that was filmed here 18 months ago and broadcast all around the world during the European champs.
Apparently the Norwegians are here to try and capture the passion of our islands footballers or something like that after being inspired by the Adidas advert.
They weren't disappointed with today match being played for the Foredeck Cup.
This is a two leg match with the winners having scored the most goals over the two legs.
I wasn't sure which team were which today but the blues had started the match with a good cushion having won convincingly last week 6-2.
By the time we arrived the scores were level at 7-7 on aggregate and 10 minutes to play...
Some very good pressure by the blues resulted in the winning goal with 3 minutes to spare.
I was pleased with this result as my other brother in law is goalie for the blues..and my mate Tim scored the winner, seemingly a screamer from outside the box..8-7 the result to the blues...
I'm sure the TV crew would have been very happy with the commitment shown by both teams with some very good football on show that is always good to watch..
With the match all wrapped up it was home for lunch, just stopping quickly at the co-op to pick up the hot dogs which were on the menu....
Very nice they were too, theres always something about hot dogs that returns me to my younger years and evokes memories of eating hot dogs at fun fairs and carnivals,etc as a child, happy days!
After lunch there was a quick spot of DIY on the cards and the eldest boy to drop off for pantomime practise.
The DIY was very straightforward just a couple of cork noticeboards to fix to the wall, that didn't take long to do.
Then sort out the insurance quote for the poor guy with his water leak and it was off to pick up my eldest from panto practise again..
By this time the tide was in and I was hoping to see some Atlantic fury pounding the headlands and beaches, I have to say that it was a rather disappointing show.
For it seemed there was a fair bit of wind and the tides are quite high, not high enough though to reach even the wall down in Old Town beach, nor Porthcressa beach.
There was though a fair bit of swell running so we headed down quay to see if any waves were hitting the quay walls..we weren't disappointed.
Its quite normal on days like these for spray and water to over top the defences built in the late 1800's by Augustus Smith, just how they managed these huge masonry jobs before the days of modern cranes and equipment always amazes me.
Not just how they put the quay together but getting the design and build so good that it still stands firm after over a 100 years of hard punishment. An awesome achievement!
So happy with the pictures I had taken we took a quick drive to Porthloo beach to see the waves coming in there.
Yet again it wasn't anything too special with the only good thing I noticed was the fact that allot of the seaweed that had been sitting at the top of the beach for months was getting washed away.
The various seabirds that I saw were having a field day with all the grubs and bugs being washed out from under the stinking weed.
So that was about it, we headed home to see how tea was getting on and settled down for the evening.
All in all a very relaxing day, pretty much was is required on a Sunday as far as I'm concerned, now I can start my week refreshed and ready for that pile of carpets and vinyl on the quay.
Its got to be cleared and all fitted before the next batch arrives, probably on Thursday!

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