Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Today was something of a "non" day as far as work was concerned..
Not allot of work happened today, still waiting for people to be ready and more carpets to arrive..
The day started well enough, I enjoyed a nice walk to school with the boys in the sunshine.
Its always good walking across Old Town Bay as it changes daily.
Yesterday after the big swells there was much seaweed washed up and it looked a bit of a mess, however today somehow even though the was still a wave most of the seaweed had gone...
The punt that had come adrift was still half attached to its running line and looked as though it had had another rough night..
I'm pleased to say that this afternoon it was gone, so I'm glad the owner managed to salvage it, I was thinking of having ago myself but I know the owner doesn't hold the punt in any regard and has it in the water so he can maintain use of the running line..
After school drop off there was a few calls to make and a spot of paperwork to catch up on.
But with no jobs booked in it was an easy morning.
At about 1ish I headed out for a spot of floor leveling in preparation for tomorrows job.
The floor was a typical scillonian hotch potch of different levels, wood and concrete none of particularly well done..hence the need to level the floor.
In recent years I have been using a really good floor leveller that is actually a floor repair mortar called feather finish.
The product came into its own today being ideal for filling the big gaps up to about 15mm right down to nothing, hence the name Feather Finish.
The job took about an hour and then it was home for lunch.
Not much doing in the afternoon other than a couple of phone calls and a "floating" shelf to put up in the bedroom.
I managed to sort it put in no time and then it was off out to pick up the boys from school.
After school we as a family decided to go into town to pick up something for tea and buy a present for my eldest sister up coming birthday which is in a couple of days.
Its going to be a good one for her as she will be 40!
We have a nice meal to look forward to on the weekend, I can't wait.
Just time to drop off a vinyl pattern book for a customer and then home for tea, a lovely bit a salmon and veg, cooked perfectly by darling wifey and it was a very healthy meal.
I'm off out tonight to play pool with my mates.
I play in the Atlantic A pool team and tonight we are taking on the Golf Club pool team.
Should be a good evening, I will be the designated driver so no problems with drinking too much tonight, I shall save myself for my sisters meal at the weekend I reckon!
I'd better get going..Will add some pics of today when I return tonight..

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