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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Its fair to say that today was a more productive day.
The day started the same with the lovely walk to school, though it was grey and overcast with some drizzle in the air.
I paused on the way home shortly to observe 3 oyster catchers looking for food along the waters edge.
What fantastic birds they are,they peep to one another constantly as if talking to one another.
And then every so often stick that long beak of theirs into the sand, no random prod either, a well calculated prod and I bet they got something good.... for all three bunch together and share the food.
So onto work.
Today's job and there was only the one as it turned out was a kitchen vinyl that needed to be fitted in one piece from kitchen into a hallway.
A bit tricky made worse by the fact that this was yesterdays floor that in all honesty looked like a miniature mountain range.
The house being over 100 years old didn't have one straight wall to try and level things up it was going to be a long job!
The leveling that I had done yesterday had all gone off well apart from one spot, typically right in the main walk way of the kitchen floor.
This needed to be addressed.
The leveling hadn't worked due to some movement between the concrete and wood, so I needed to put down some flexible filler along the joint and leave it to set.
With having to leave it to set I came home for a cuppa.
I gave it half an hour and went back to find that it had more or less gone off, so covered the whole lot with duck tape and proceeded with the job.
About an hour later I had got the whole lot fitted and it was looking good.
Stage 2 though is to take it up so it can be stuck down all over, thought I may as well do this after lunch..
So after a quick lunch it was straight back to stick down the vinyl.
It went well and as ever I reckon there was as much adhesive on me as there was on the floor!!
By the time I was done there was just time for me to dump the offcuts and head down to school for football practise.
Each Wednesday I coach the children from years 5 and 6 down at Carn Gwarvel.
Today was a good one, we did an assortment of different training methods covering most aspects of the games.
Including passing,receiving, throw ins, shooting and dribbling and ended up with a good game to finish it off.
It all good fun and today's game ended 3-3 so a penalty shoot out was decided on with the winner of that winning 2-1. Great fun!
I am level 1 FA Coach which lets me run a session and referee games and such like.
We have some great players and we are all looking forward to our summer fixtures when we take on visiting schools from the mainland.
So then it was home for a bit of toad in the hole, and eldest son had panto practise tonight so had to drop him into town and pick him up.
Feeling quite tired now and its feels good to be sitting here listening to the increasing wind outside when I am sat on our comfy sofa sat next to the heater! A good end to the day.
Think I might make a hot chocolate and that will be me done for the day!

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