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Monday, 9 March 2009

A busy start to the week!

Well Monday has never been my favourite day, but at this time of the year one day seems much like any other.
Today I was determined to get as much done as possible before 4.30 when I needed to take my dad to the health centre.
I managed to fit 4 bedroom carpets,1 bathroom carpet and totally prepare a lounge carpet ready for tomorrow this included removing 3 rooms of their furniture and old carpets!
So really good progress today.
I was working at Beachfield House this morning doing 2 bedroom and the bathroom.
The view from one of the rooms I was working in looked out over sharks pit and the harbour.
From there I could see my mate Peter Hicks out kite surfing, I hoped he would stay out for a while but a rain shower came through and the you could see the wind just instantly dropped and wasn't really good enough for kite surfing so he packed up and went home.
After lunch he was back with a friend I think it was Matt Praegar, it seems that Matt maybe new to kite surfing having been an avid windsurfer for years.
He was good but seemed to lack the rhythm and fluidity of Peter.
It showed how tricky it must be, I certainly wouldn't have the first clue as what to do in order to keep going without killing myself trying!
So after a couple of pics I had an invite to attend a teddy bears picnic that was being held in the Playzone by our fantastic children's centre leader Meriel Williams.
She had made scones and there was jam and cream to put on them.
I couldn't say no once I was invited!
Although I was very busy so I scoffed my scones and headed back to work and on to a flat in Harbour Lights, Number 14...
I did 2 bedrooms and got the lounge ready for tomorrow here and then it was time to take dad for his appointment.
By the time we were done at the health centre it was tea time and that was about it for the day.
I am an avid facebook fan, and yesterday we discovered an UNO game that you can play online.
I had a few games with my wife and finally got around to catching up with some sky+ recordings that we did when we were away.
We watched 2 episodes of LOST and now are completely lost!
So tomorrow is yet another busy day and I'm sure lots will get done!


  1. The other kite surfer was Nick Praeger and i think he's awesome!!!

  2. I'll be sure to tell him that he has a fan next time I see him!