Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Busy day again

Yet another busy one, I will be soo glad when March is over!
Started off with a few errands to do in town for darling wifey.
With those done I went to the quay to pick up a carpet for the last bedroom in Beachfield House.
Then went around to flat 14 in Harbour Lights where there was yesterday job to finish off.
I did the lounge that I had prepared yesterday and realised that the hallway couldn't be completed until I had done flat 12 so I could use an off cut in it.
So I did the lounge and headed off to Beachfield.
I didn't realise that I needed underlay, so went home to fetch some.
On the way back I stopped off at the lower moors nature trail that has recently had some work done by the wildlife trust to clear it out and tidy the area up.
It is looking really good and is a great place to sit and relax if you ever have time the birds all around were singing and it felt very tranquil.
But back to reality and it was back to work!
I had the bedroom done by 1ish and loaded the car with old carpets and went to the dump.
Just as I was unloading the rubbish I had a call from DW saying that Brandon needed picking up from school as he was unwell.
Shame, so I went straight there and then took him home and got myself some lunch.
He wasn't too well and had a bad headaches, it wasn't long before he wa ill and then he felt much better.
Must have picked up a bug of some kind bless him...he is totally fine now thank goodness!
So then it was back to Beachfield to collect the last of the old carpets and stuff and dump them all.
Then a couple of calls to make and back to my mate Scots house to prepare the floor for tomorrows kitchen,dining room,utility and hall vinyl.
This is as big a job as it sounds and will take me all day tomorrow, he is moving back into his house on Thursday so I have to get it all done tomorrow.
I'm sure I will!
So after tea I headed out to play pool, where tonight we were playing the Odds from Old Town Inn.
They put up a good fight but my team won 6-3 after a few tight games.
I was lucky in my singles and very nearly lost to one of my neighbours who was unlucky not to quite sink the black and kind of left an easy shot for me to win.
Well you win some lose some.....
It was a good night as usual and better than normal as I had a couple of pints instead of not drinking due to being too lazy to walk home. I normally drive the mile home!
That's about it I guess.
Weather wise it was a very spring like day calm and mild with plenty of sun throughout the day.
Must have got 3 big loads of washing dry today!
These guys were picking flowers in the field right out of the front of my house.
Bloody hard work and there are presently more flowers to pick than there are pickers to pick them, so we are seeing field upon field of open flowers....

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  1. My boy's off school today with headache and no appetite George must be an island bug :-)

    Cheers, Paul