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Monday, 23 February 2009

First day back to work, Harbertonford

Today was the back to reality day.
After a relaxing Sunday and a fantastic holiday,it was a struggle getting my head around the mountain of work that needs to be done.
It seems I have told everyone to give me a call when I get back from my holiday and sure enough I think they all did today..
So i spent allot of time on the phone today.
I did manage to complete my first job which was a hall and lounge carpet/
The job went well and was nice to get back to work despite the idea of it!
There was no one in the house, so I was able to get my phones mp3 player going and I had a good sing along with myself as I worked.
Its fair to say today was a busy day although I kind of eased myself into it rather than going head first,flat out!
It seems that the jobs are arranging themselves with some people being in more need than others to get their carpets done.
Obviously holiday lets and b&b's get the priority with domestic jobs having to wait for a few days or for a space in the schedule to get done.
I think it will all work out ok, but I won't be taking on any more work now unless it can be done in April or after Easter.
I didn't manage to take any pics of Scilly today, so I have put on some pics from my holiday starting with the flight ot Newquay from here and Geevor and St Ives.
Then snow at South Brent,Harbertonford bridge and church.
Also a pic of our hire car a Jeep Patriot which is a SUV with a 2litre VW TDI engine that was actually really good.
And I just had to put up a pic of the Proven wind turbine that I spotted outside the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth for my mate Paul up on Raasay who has a much better model on his croft.
I shall post more pics from my holiday as I sort them out but probably as a separate holiday post more for my own record as much as for any one else's pleasure, although I'm sure someone out there will like to look at the pics!

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