Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Thursday 22nd October Poldhu Cove

I returned to Poldhu last thursday after doing a bit of business in Helston for a short walk around the cove and up to the rest home that has The Marconi Centre just behind it.
The Marconi Centre is where the first trans atlantic tranmissions where made by Marconi himself that revolutionised communication to this day.
I will return here to have a much longer walk and more detailed look.
It was significantly windier than my previous visit on the Sunday and the surf was fascinating to watch.
The tide came in very quickly on the large expanse of sand and I was nearly caught out by a fast moving large wave while I was on the beach!
The cove has a small cafe,toilets and a fairly large car park.
I can recommend it for a base to start a good cliff walk in this area, it is very pretty with plenty to catch the eye.
I would also take along some binoculars as there was a fair bit of wildlife present and views reaching right across Mounts Bay you can have a good old look if you had some bins with you...
Hope you enjoy the pics!

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