Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A very busy day yesterday lead to no update.Sorry about that.
It was one of those days where I had allot of places to be one after another and a carpet to fit too and then with a Liverpool match a must see event meant that it was just too much to get on here and find anything constructive to type!
So onto today......
Well it all started of pretty grey and damp after yesterdays lovely sunshine and calmness.
Mike had a friend overnight for a sleepover and they were very good, we headed up to the swimming pool as the council are running free 1 hour sessions.
It was still grey and cloudy but was not raining the boys didn't stay in too long though as the water in solar heated and it was cooler than normal without the sun out.
I needed to do some shopping so went to do that along with starting off my job for today which was a landing and stairs in the same house that I worked in yesterday where I fitted a lounge carpet.
The morning turned out cloudy but dry and it held until just after lunch by which time I had cut up the carpet outside to fit on the stairs and had just taken it inside when it started to rain.
It rained for the rest of the afternoon my weather station recording 11.4 mm of steady rain, I expect it will be welcomed by gardeners as we have had very little rain in the past couple of months.
I got my carpets all done and headed home in time to drop off my son's mate down to the quay.
It was still raining but quite lightly and there was very little wind as we have the low pressure centered almost overhead of us today.
I took a few pics of the Scillonian and also one across the harbour showing the poor weather!
I then came home for what was supposed to be a barbecue party, however the weather quashed that idea so we cooked the meat under the grill and oven instead.
It was very good and our guests who both have a birthday tomorrow were both surprised and pleased.
And that's about it!

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