Thursday, 8 January 2009

Well being new to all this its hard to know where to start but basically I get the impression that bloggers tend just to write about what they did in the day.
So for me my day was a quiet one.
The structure of my day rarely varies too much and on a week day will always start with me taking my boys to school.
They are 8 and 10 and really don't need to be walked or driven, but I enjoy the walk and they like me to go, so why not?
So my working day normally starts after school drop off.
Then I will work through to 5 stopping for an hour for lunch at a loose lunchtime.
Scilly for me is paradise and I see little point in living here working every second a hard as you can just to make ends meet.
Fortunately I am lucky enough to be flexible with my work so I am able to have a fair bit of spare time, which I mostly like to spend with my family.

On the work side,I am presently waiting for a whole batch of carpets and vinyl to arrive on Saturday so I spent the day catching up with a few jobs and measures.
January is traditionally the time when those who are organised are sorting out all their properties for letting,or B&B's having a touch of paint.
Normally a very busy time for me, this year is not too different only I don't have any one BIG job to do, seemingly lots of smaller ones.
Work is work and its all good as far as I am concerned.

We have been experiencing our coldest weather in the past few years over the last week.
Today was a little warmer after yesterdays sub zero nighttime temps and the first ice that I have seen here for years.
All in all a good day,lovely and calm if a little grey.
Take a peek at Scillywebcam for the days best views.
Well that will be it for the first post.
I'll have another go at this tomorrow and we will see how it goes............

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