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Friday, 9 January 2009

Today started well with a good walk to school with the boys,there was a beautiful sunrise as I walked across Old Town bay, I will upload some pics to SWC soon..
Felt a bit bleak though with an icy southerly breeze that made it feel colder than yesterday even though the temps are up today.
So went off to work, just a simple job or so I thought.
A fairly standard utility room with the usual washing machine tumble drier and freezer to take out, shouldn't have taken more than a hour or so.
Well after a whole load of problems I finally left the job somewhere about 12.30 for lunch,it was just one of those fiddly buggers! Even the vinyl that I was fitting didn't want to play ball and was trying to rip itself at every opportunity.
Then it was off to the new headmasters house to measure up for some vinyl..and then home for a quick sandwich before heading off to the tip to throw away all the rubbish accumulated from this mornings and yesterday afternoon work.
A quick trip into town to the bank and then off to a little job at Trinity Cottages.

I love the view from these houses and think the residents are very lucky to have such good views to enjoy. See pic above.
I was supposed to get a job done at Wingletang but had run out of time so that will be a Monday morning job now instead.
With that job postponed I picked up my middle boy from school and headed back into town to get a few bits and pieces for my dad who is struggling to get about at the moment, he is in need of a double hip operation...Ouch..bless him he is only 65 but a hard life of farming and building has taken its toll on his poor body..
Finally a couple of orders to phone through and my work was done for the day just in time to catch the sunset, didn't manage to get a pic though...
So the weekend is here with not too much planned, I have a game of golf in the morning with my brother in law and I'm sure I'll come home to a small to do list that darling wifey will have compiled in my absence.
I'll see if I can get some golfing pics for tomorrows post...
Just to add that I think I will try to get a pic of the best view from whatever house I maybe working in on the day that I am working there.
This will depend on whose house it is...


  1. Hi George glad to see you have now started up a blog I have been watching S W C to see how you are getting on with your new canon it takes a good picture Hope to meet up with you in the summer when we come over Best wishes Keith

  2. Hi Keith.
    Thanks for looking in, I'm really enjoying getting to know the new camera.
    It was due because I had explored the old one and was happy with it.
    But this new upgrade has given me an extra incentive to get out and about snapping.
    I do like the shots I am getting they are very true to life...
    Let me know when you are here and i'm sure our paths can cross at some stage...