Sunday, 21 June 2009

A walk around St Marys 14th June.

I walked the entire circumference of St Marys last Sunday.
It has taken me a week to find the time to get the pics sorted out and on here as I took about 250!
The walk took about 4 hours plus a stop for lunch at Carn Vean!
It was a perfect day and there was lots of wildlife enjoying the sun.
Starting at Porthcressa Beach I headed off out to Peninis Head and on the way saw Rosechaffer,4 different types of butterfly, a pair of stone 2 pairs of rock pipits and other seabirds out to sea.
Following the coast path around to the tranquil bay of Old Town and then off past Porth Minack and on to Porth Hellick.
This stretch of coast path was full of Burnett Moths and more rock pipits.
After Porth Hellick I went on to Deep Point where I spotted a tiny Wren hiding in the undergrowth.
Then on to Pelistry and up to Carn Vean for a cool beer and a bite to eat.
After lunch it was back down to the path and across Pelistry beach and around to Watermill.
After Watermill came Innisidgen and then Bar Point and Pendrathen.
Then up to Bants Carn past my old house and then around to Carn Morval.
By now Hugh Town was in sight and I was nearly back in town.
Passing Porth loo and Porth Mellon and I was back where I had started some 5 hour earlier.
I have to recommend this walk to any one who has the time to partake in it.
There is always lots to see and despite passing some people with hiking boots,rucksacks and walking sticks, I managed it with a tenner in my pocket and a bottle of squash in my hand!
The walking is relatively straight forward and I hear is about 9 miles.
I had worked it out roughly on google earth for it to be more like 7 and a bit!